Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Rare Home Video of Joe Cocker


Oh, I hope you didn’t think this was about the singer Joe Cocker.  This is about our Joe, a cocker spaniel that we’ve had since he was a pup. Joe has had cataracts with slight vision since he was a year old. We took him to a canine ophthalmologist in Dallas several years ago that said he could fix him but the cost was astronomical and more than we could afford. Fortunately, Joe has done real well through the years, but has recently become totally blind.  We now have to guide Joe everywhere. I guess you could call us Seeing Eye People. 

It has also become difficult for Joe to go up and down the steps on our deck. So, Miss Carol wanted to know if I could build Joe a ramp so he wouldn’t have to navigate the steps. My first attempt was a simple 2” x 12” board laid on top of the steps. Because of the angle or steepness of the ramp, it was more like a slide and Joe kept slipping down and off the side of the board. Second attempt, we bought a plastic/rubberized runner and cut it to fit the board and it too was too slippery.  Third attempt, we went to the Dollar Store and found a carpeted runner with rubber backing. We cut it to fit with the rubber side up and I added 1” x 10” bumper boards along each side and it appears to do the job.

joe_ramp1   joe_ramp2

Home Video of Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker in Action



Thanks for coming along with us.


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  1. Great ramp, you,ll were real thoughtful for building it! I did the same but I added the same outdoor carpet that I did my deck in to the ramp and it did improve my dogs walking up and down the ramp.


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