Friday, September 21, 2012

Car Shows & Bass Tournaments


Rod & Custom Car Show

Last week, Miss Carol and I attended the Annual Rains County Custom Car Show in Emory. Prior to going I wasn’t really expecting a whole lot as Emory is not that large of a town. Wow, were we in for a surprise. The entire Square was packed and covered with awesome Antique, Custom, and Original old cars and trucks. It brought back lots of fond memories of when I owned my 70’ Chevy Short Bed Pro-Street Pickup truck as well as all the awesome cars and trucks I’ve owned throughout my life.



  This is my Pro-Street truck. This is a pic taken from a plaque given to me from Sport Truck Magazine of the center fold article that was written about it. It took First place at both the East Coast Nationals and West Coast Nationals along with three magazine articles written about it.



 emory_car_show (2)


  Rains County Court House & Square with all the Rods on Display.





emory_car_show (6)



This was one of my favorites at the show. Below, you’ll see the reason why.  1966 Chevy SS-396 Chevelle.







  Here’s a picture of my SS 396 Chevelle sitting in front of my Mom & Dad’s house. I bought new in 1966 when I came home from Viet Nam with still one more year to do in the Marine Corps.




emory_car_show (8)



Miss Carol admiring a little Red T-Bird convertible. I had to drag her away!!!





emory_car_show (15)



  Nice little Monster Street Rod.





Ronald McDonalds Big Bass Tournament

on Lake Fork

Today, the big annual McDonald's Big Bass Splash Tournament got under way this morning. I set the alarm clock for 3:30am so I could get up and help Bob with parking all the trucks & trailers. About 4:30 they started rolling in and started launching. Today was to be the slowest day as some of the folks still had to work today. We expect tomorrow (Saturday) to be busier along with Sunday. Bob (WFL owner), rented a port-a-potty and placed it down at the end of the shop for the convenience of the boaters/fishermen to use  all weekend during the tournament. I'm sure it is well appreciated.  

mcDonald_tourn (1)

There was a lot of chatter among some of the boaters about having gone to other launch ramps and how bad it was as far as parking and conditions. One fellow said it was Mass Confusion at the public ramp across the bridge and he was sure glad he came back over to WFL to launch. He said it was awesome to have lighted parking and have someone assist in the launching & parking.  

mcDonald_tourn (7)



  At the weigh-in, they’re  giving away two brand new fully-rigged bass boats, Dodge truck, and four-wheeler. And lots of other big prizes. Cash given away each hour for three days.




After the rush was over (around 6:30am) I came back to the trailer and Miss Carol had just put on a pot of coffee. After we both had some coffee, we decided to scooter ride over to Lake Fork Marina for breakfast and to take in some of the festivities at the Weigh-In and display booths that were there. Don't know today's results yet, but while we were there, we saw a 8.67 pound bass weighed in. The daily results are posted "HERE".

mcDonald_tourn (2)

On their sign outside and on their menu, it states, “My Oh My, The Pies”.  I snapped a couple of quick pics of their pie cases as we left. I seriously considered having pie for breakfast.

mcDonald_tourn (3)



  Their Homemade fruit filled pies.





mcDonald_tourn (4)



  Their icebox crème filled pies. Looks like Chocolate might be the favorite in these parts.








  1. Yes I did the same. Hired a good automobile transport company after I had my car shown off in an event and had to take it back. :)

  2. Totally cool car show indeed. Thank you for sharing and glad to know you had fun with all those phenomenal classic cars.

  3. I’ve always loved attending car shows. Whether we mean it or not, it has become part of American culture. Aside from seeing astounding cars, you get to bond with your family and friends and meet new people. Sometimes, you can even contribute to a charity by merely looking at your interests. :D I like the 1966 Chevy SS-396 Chevelle too, by the way. Sometimes, history and memories make you appreciate a car more.

  4. It’s no wonder why Miss Carol admires the Thunderbird! Just look at it! Isn’t it so stunning? I love it too! Each and every detail that I can see in the photo.

    Sara Anthony

  5. Oh my! Look at how Miss Carol stares at that Red T-bird convertible! Haha! She really seemed stunned by its beauty, huh! Well, undeniably, the car really shows some exquisiteness!


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