Friday, August 10, 2012

Scooter Trip Around Lake Fork and Lake Holbrook

Today we got up early and the air was somewhat cooler than it has been, so  Miss Carol and I decided we’d take a scooter ride and tour around Lake Fork and have breakfast out on the road.  We left the RV Park around 7:30am and it was 78 degrees.  The air felt great and it was good to get out of the trailer and out of our usual rut before the day heated up.  By the time we arrived back home, the temp had gotten into the 90’s.
We took a route that started us out along the east side of Lake Fork. Be sure to “Zoom-In” on the map below for greater detail and click on the “camera” icons to view pictures we took as we traveled along.

View Scooter Tour 8/10/12 in a larger map
After we crossed over the Hwy 154 bridge, we stopped to have breakfast at The Oak Ridge Marina & Restaurant. 

I had the Tex-Mex Skillet  that had sausage, jalapeno’s, onions, tomatoes, hash browns, bell pepper, two eggs over medium topped w/cheddar cheese and with Biscuits & Gravy on the side.


Miss Carol had a Breakfast Burrito with Home Fries and she ended up taking half home with her.

Our trip took us around the edges of Lake Fork and Lake Holbrook that’s a little south of Fork. The word is, Lake Holbrook doesn’t have a lot of BIG fish like Lake Fork, but has a lot of fish that can be caught easily. We finished up our trip in Emory where we stopped by Brookshire’s Grocery Store and turned in some video’s at the Blockbuster Kiosk.  Miss Carol checked out a couple more movies, so guess what we’ll be doing this afternoon and evening. 
Be sure to check out the photos in the map above.
We’re considering a scooter ride into Tyler tomorrow to pick up Miss Carol’s new glasses.
brown_yellowI’ve been working two days on a post about a tool/app/gadget/extension that can be downloaded for FREE and installed into your browser for better viewing of images. The post will contain a Video Tutorial that I’m still working on.


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