Sunday, August 12, 2012

Enhance Your Viewing Pleasure


I am always interested and looking for new ways to make my blog viewing or web browsing experience a little more easier and more exciting.  As most of you have noticed, I like to visually enhance my Posts with Images, Photos, and Videos. Like you’ve always heard, “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”.

So many times, I run across an image/photo that is just a “thumbnail image” and it’s so small, you cannot make out any detail. Most times, you click on the thumbnail or small image and it will open up in a new browser window with a larger view but it takes you away from the page you’re viewing and you have to click the “Back” button or it opens in a totally new browser tab and you have to “X” out of it and then click back on your original tab.  Well, I’ve found a tool/app/gadget/extension (they come in all types of names) for my browser that eliminates all that and I thought maybe some of you readers might be interested in it as well. It’s called “HoverZoom” and I got it as a Google Chrome Browser Extension.  I’m sure they make one for all the popular browsers as well.  What’s best, it’s FREE.

With HoverZoom you merely do as its name implies, hover your mouse/cursor over the image and it automatically zooms/enlarges the image in a popup window right on top of the original thumbnail or small image.  Now to some of you this might seem annoying, but there is a built-in delay of one or two seconds before the popup appears. For me personally, I love it, and it saves me a lot of trouble/time by not having to close browser windows are going to top of the browser and clicking on the back button. For those of you that are interested, I’ll show you how to get it. I’m going to create a Video Tutorial using Camtasia Studio and attempt to embed it into this blog post.





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  1. I just followed your tutorial and added it to my Chrome. Thanks, but did you have to enlarge the picture of that luscious sandwich?? It's got me drooling again! :)


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