Sunday, April 15, 2012

Long Time No See


Our apologies to all of our Followers, Family, and Friends for our long silence.  We are at our Home Base on Lake Fork (Emory), Texas.  We’ve been very occupied and busy with healing and getting things the way we want them.  We’ve decided to slow our travels down some while waiting to see what the Fuel Prices are going to do.  We are still tentatively planning on going northward (hopefully: Dakota’s) in the heat of summer. 

We’ve committed to an Annual Lease here at West Fork Landing RV Resort on Lake Fork (Bass Fishing Capitol of the World).  This gives us a home base that we can leave and come back to as often as we wish.  We will always have the same site (our choice) and the owner here is really nice and lets us pretty much do as we please as long as it’s with his approval. 

This all came about as a result of my shoulder injury back in October and surgery in January.  I had some major damage as a result of my accident with the waxing buffer.  I incurred a torn rotator cuff, torn ligaments, bone spur, and some arthritis that had developed in there as well. I went to Physical Therapy for two months before quitting as I didn’t seem to be making much progress and I felt I was getting plenty of therapy working around the place here.  Besides, it was like a 50 mile round trip each time and with the cost of diesel, that was too much for the pocket book.  Miss Carol has been taking great care of me and gets on to me when I try to do too much.

Our latest project was building a deck for our site.  We wanted one  so we could still sit outside even when it was storming or sit in the shade when the sun was shining hot.  Since we have a years lease at a time, we also wanted a place to store our extra stuff (junk) and our boat where it would be protected while we’re traveling, so we included a small storage building and a drive-thru carport attached to our covered deck.

I visualized in my mind what we wanted and then I designed it on the computer using Microsoft Paint program.  I designed it so when we pull the slides in, we have 3’ clearance for pulling out and in with the trailer. It’s also built so it would accommodate a motorhome as well, in case we ever decided to sell it.  Once we had the design, I figured out the materials required and the cost.  For the last 3 weeks Miss Carol and I have been busy every day available building it ourselves.  Due to my shoulder surgery, my brother & sister-in-law came up from Crockett and helped us for three days in the early stages. 

10 x 29 Deck234a




Early drawing of our covered deck. The finished deck looks similar but not exactly like this.





10 x 29 Deck 1e_upper_deck_joists_a




  Another drawing of many I drew depicting what I wanted in our split-level deck.





10 x 29 Deck 1f_electric_Layout




  I drew plans for the electrical plugs, lights, and switches.





split_level_deck (6)



The beginning of construction. We wanted it to be totally portable so it could be dis-assembled and moved if ever needed. So we built it on deck blocks.




deck_3-7-12 (5)



  We started on the upper level deck section first then added the lower level frame.





deck_3-16-12 (3)









deck_3-16-12 (8)



  We then added deck boards and steps.






deck_3-19-12 (1)



Then came the roof beams and then the rafters.






deck_3-29-12 (3)




   Miss Carol sneaked this picture when I wasn’t looking.







deck_3-29-12 (4)



Here it is with the drive-thru carport added and the porch rails installed. Laid some rock along the front for a future flower bed.





deck_4-7-12 (3)




   Nearing completion.





deck_4-7-12 (5)



Taking some time off to enjoy the deck even before its finished.  Our Daughter Amy and Granddaughter Angel came for a visit on Easter weekend on Amtrak from Ft. Worth.  We also added some new patio furniture.



We now have it finished, got all the lights, plugs, switches installed and have all the porch rails and skirting and lattice work done and I’ve even parked the boat and truck under the drive-thru.  Now we just have to sand it and next spring, stain & seal it.  Next will be the flower beds and a small garden spot for tomatoes & peppers. 






  1. That is a great looking deck. You're pretty talented at that design and build stuff!!

    1. Thanks Donna, Yes, I'm getting lots of offers here in the park to build more. I'm telling everyone this is my LAST one. ha ha.

  2. The deck looks terrific!! You will enjoy many many hours just relaxing out there!! Sounds like you all have a perfect setup!!

    1. Thanks Happytrails, I don't think we've eaten a single meal inside the trailer since we got the floor on it. ha ha.

  3. Wow! That deck looks huge. Amazing that you were able to build this with a bum shoulder and all.

  4. Thanks Judy & Emma, I couldn't have done it without Miss Carol helping me all the way.

  5. What a wonderful deck you designed and built. You will certainly have many hours of fun enjoying it with your family and friends.

    1. Thanks John & Carol, If you're ever in the neighborhood, stop by, we'd love to meet you guys.

  6. Wow, that's amazing and aesthetic. You ever consider contracting those plans?


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