Saturday, January 28, 2012

Using Photoshop Elements v10

In our last post, I mentioned that I’d designed a website ( ) for the owner of the Resort here and I was so pleased with the picture/logo I made, that I used it in our current header.  I thought I’d show the steps I went through using Adobe Photoshop Elements v10 to show what I started with and ended up with.  Photoshop Elements is an amazing photo editing program with no limits to what you can do to a photo.
In my first draft of the West Fork Landing website, I used a photo of an actual sunset on Lake Fork for the background of the site. In the photo it also showed a nice fishing pier & boat dock.


 This is the original



  I then added accent stripes that faded into black along the outer edges.


  I then created a transparent Logo for the site and embedded it on top of the background image.

Well, unfortunately the owner didn’t care for this image as he was afraid it projected the idea that such a dock existed here at West Fork Landing when there’s not one. Even with all the work I put into editing and creating it, he’s absolutely right.  He said he’d rather have a picture of a Bass.  So, I went to Google and did a search in the Images Category for “Bass”.  I must have looked at over 200 different images of  Largemouth Bass.  I finally found the one I liked and felt certain he’d like. The only problem was it had a large watermark/advertising right across the image.

 This is the original image. Note the straight sharp edges all the way around the image.

I always like to spice things up and make changes to make it different and not so ordinary. So I got the idea to do some painting on my own and make it look more alive and appear the image is 3 dimensional and coming off the page. My first step was to do something about the advertising.  I couldn’t just remove it, so I had to paint over it using all the colors involved and make it look like it was never there.  The hardest part was re-creating the small perch that can barely be seen under the ad.

  This is how it looked after painting over the layer of text and painting the perch back into it.

The next step, I copied the above image onto a new larger transparent/invisible background so I could paint out beyond the edges of the original and to be able to add drop shadows.  I was hoping this would make the image appear to be lifting off the main background layer.


I had to visualize what the Lilly Pads and the pad stems should look like, then painted them onto the invisible background to get this finished image.

                                 From This                                                                     To This




  1. Nice work. I just got Elements 10 a couple of weeks ago and haven't played with it much yet. I haven't painted anything so I found your technique very interesting. Wouldn't mind seeing some more posts of things you have done with PSE 10.

  2. Really enjoyed seeing what you did with PSE 10. I don't have that program but would like to get it. I love working with graphics and would like to see more of your work/explanations.

  3. What an awesome job! Very creative and it looks great. Really glad to see your step by step explination.


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