Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a Lookin’ For A Home


First, our apologies for our long lapse in posting.  There has been a lot going on and happening since our arrival back in Texas  in October.  Here’s a brief recap: In our last Post, we mentioned that we were looking for a place to set up as our Home Base and had pretty well decided on the Lake Fork area east of Dallas. We also mentioned that we were in the process of moving all our storage (boat & personal stuff) away from Del Rio and the Mexican Border.  Also mentioned the pain in my left shoulder that started when we were in Llano, TX when I let the buffer I was using to wax the front cap of our 5th Wheel, get away from me while on a ladder, jerking my left arm. 

We are now at Lake Fork after getting everything moved from Del Rio to Bandera, from Bandera to Crockett, from Crockett to Lake Fork (Lots of Miles, Lots of Diesel). We spent almost a month here in the Lake Fork area looking at every available RV Park and RV Resort for a place with a year’s lease to use as our Home Base to travel out of and to return to.  We’ve decided to do this as a result of the increasing costs of diesel fuel and RV Parks.  For 5 years we’ve been going full blast seeing as much as possible. We’re still going to travel a lot but are slowing down just a little. We decided on West Fork Landing RV Resort & Launch for our annual lease.  It’s without a doubt, one of the nicer places on the entire lake.  The owner and the people already here are extremely nice and friendly and we all have one thing in common, “We Like To Go Fishing”.  Miss Carol and I both agree, the longer we’re here, the more we like it.

west_fork_landing_pano (1) StitchPanoramic View of West Fork Landing from the FM 2946 Bridge (stitched 7 photos together using Windows Live Photo Gallery

We’ve been busy making plans on ways to make it even more comfortable here and plan to build a 10’ x 30’ split level wood deck along side our trailer. We bought a storage building from Lowe’s and put it together, so now we don’t have the monthly expense of renting storage. We have a really large site that is at least 40’ x 100’ with lots of space between our neighboring RV’s.

west_fork_landing (3)             Our Site at West Fork Landing

west_fork_landing (12)Our 8’ x 10’ Storage Shed

Last week I had surgery on my left shoulder. Turned out I had a torn rotator cuff, bone spur, tendon torn away from bone, and some arthritis. I was in surgery a little over an hour and the Doctor said he was able to repair it all.  So with my bad shoulder, I had lots of down time since to get caught up on all my computer stuff.  I used Microsoft Paint program to design the layout of our site and how everything will be arranged. I also used the Paint Program to design our proposed deck.

Site 6 - layout w-deck2Our Site Layout (drawn using Windows Paint Program)

10 x 29 Deck196aWhat our proposed Deck will look like. It has a drive thru boat & truck port that will be covered also. (Drawn using Microsoft Paint Program)

We hope to start construction on the Deck and Boat/Truck Port in the next couple of months so we’ll be able to use it this Spring prior to leaving out north during the hottest summer months. It will have electric plugs spaced around the deck and a couple of ceiling fans. Miss Carol is looking forward to it so she can lounge around (while I’m fishing) and read her books and let Joe & Sophie have some free space.

During my convalescing (being bored) I designed an Excel program for the owner of West Fork Landing to help with organizing and running the park and getting all his information/record keeping organized.  Since he didn’t have a website for the park, I designed one for him and it’s in the final stages of design.  I took a picture of a bass and edited it and added to it for the Home Page. It turned out so good, I decided to use it in our Header above. If you like, you can check it out at:

I hope Miss Carol and I can get out and do some fishing in the next month or two.  I’ve been getting as much information as possible from the locals about the fishing, restaurants, and shopping around here.







  1. Great job on the bass photo. Your deck looks like it will be a wonderful addition - so relaxing.

    FYI- I went to the West Fork Landing website. I am using Google Chrome as my browser. The text display extends off of the tan area into the black and is not readable. I am using a desktop with a screen resolution of 1920 X 1080. Thought you might like to know how it is displaying on this set-up. Hope this helps.

  2. Cool header. Now you just have to catch some of those dudes. :)

  3. I didn't know you could draw like that with MS Paint. I guess I will have to play around more with it. Nice job


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