Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We’re Still Here

It’s been about 4 weeks since our last post, so I thought we’d bring everyone up to date. Since our Retired FireFighters Reunion in Santo, we’ve been pretty busy. From Santo we went to Llano, Tx. for a week while waiting for an appointment. We had a service repair appointment in Kyle, Tx. to replace our Grey Holding Tank that had a crack in it and 2 shocks that needed replacing.  When we were in Amarillo a while back having electrical repairs done, the service tech had extended our bedroom wardrobe slide out while testing receptacles and when he went to put the slide back in, he failed to raise the end of the bed.  While trying to forcibly bring it in further, he stripped the gears in the mechanism.  We didn’t have time to wait on the parts to be made and ordered and replaced and make it to the Reunion on time so we opted to take care of it ourselves later and send them the bill.  I know this sounds like a lot of stuff going wrong, and it is more than you’d like to happen, but you have to remember driving these RV’s down the road 65 mph, bouncing over RR tracks and bridges that things are going to come loose or go wrong.  We got our parts in yesterday afternoon and Miss Carol and I did the repairs this morning.  Finally, everything is back to normal as far as our 5th Wheel is concerned.
1. Del Rio    2. Bandera    4. Crockett    5. Lake Fork
This past Saturday we drove the truck over to Del Rio ( 3 hour drive) from here in Bandera and worked on condensing our storage down into as few containers as possible.  We loaded as much of the stuff into our Bass Boat as possible and put the cover on it and strapped it down and put the remaining stuff on our small utility trailer.  We wanted to make it as water proof as possible because we’re having to move it and the boat in 3 stages to get them to our new home base area in N.E. Texas (around Lake Fork).  Miss Carol and I wrapped it up with tarps and straps and headed back to Bandera.  We only had to stop 3 times (ha ha) to retie and secure everything on the utility trailer.  Yesterday we went back to Del Rio (3 hour drive – one way) and got the boat and brought it back to Bandera.  Next week we plan to make two trips to Crockett, Tx. (6 hour drive – one way) where my brother lives and back, for Stage 2 of the process.  Then the first week of December we plan to move the 5th Wheel from here in Bandera all the way to Lake Fork ( 9 hour drive) and locate us a home base.  Once we get that established, we have to make two trips to Crockett and back (2 hour drive – one way) to get the boat and utility trailer.  So in the next 3 weeks we’ll be doing lots of driving.
Today after Miss Carol and I finished repairing the wardrobe slide we took a break in the afternoon.  My left shoulder has been hurting for two weeks now and I’m beginning to think I’ve torn the Rotator Cuff (common injury to baseball pitchers).  So while I was sitting in my recliner with the heating pad, Miss Carol turned on the TV and tuned into the BIO Channel. It just so happened they were showing the Biography for Andy Griffith.  Now I know all of you know who Andy Griffith is.  Well, they were showing several excerpts from several of the segments of “The Andy Griffith Show” and they showed one that has to be an “All Time” favorite.  Miss Carol and I laughed so hard and sooooo long, we had tears flowing from our eyes and headaches from laughing so hard.  You know what its like when you have that un-controllable laughing and you can’t stop and the more the other person laughs, the more you laugh an it’s totally out of control????   Well, that was Miss Carol and I. 
It was so funny, we want to share it with all of you.  I scoured the Internet shortly after the show on BIO and found the video clip.  We hope you get as much laughter and pleasure out of watching this as we did!!!!!!!   But you can’t possibly laugh as much as we did .

Now I don’t care what you say, that was FUNNY !!!



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