Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time to Move South


We’ve been here at Green Mountain Falls, Colorado for a week now and the weather has been absolutely beautiful.  Low’s in the 40’s and High’s in the 70’s.  Well, this morning that has changed.  The Low Pressure System that hit the Sierra Madre’s in Northern California earlier this week has moved in here and at this upper elevation above Colorado Springs (8000’), this is what we woke up to this morning !!!

Grn_Mtn_RV_10-08-11 (2)

Grn_Mtn_RV_10-08-11 (3) 

I just checked with the online Weather Channel Website for the hour by hour forecast for the next 24 hours and it’s supposed to let up at 1:00pm for 2 hours. That’s when I plan to go out and fill up our reserve fresh water tank (100 gals.) and shut the water off  and drain the water hose before it starts freezing up.  At 6:00pm it’s supposed to start snowing again and then snow all night tonight, ending early in the morning.


DSC_0001I just slapped my boots on and ran out and took the above picture. Right at 8” already and we still have a long ways to go until in the morning.


Miss Carol has gone over to our daughter’s house to visit with Heather and Granddaughter Claire. Heather has a four-wheel drive Jeep Cherokee and was kind enough to offer to come over and pick up Miss Carol and take her back to their house for the afternoon.  Of course I’m stuck here to take Miss Sophie and Mister Joe Cocker out to pee and poop every two hours.  What an ordeal, in this stuff.  Have to block them off onto the linoleum in the kitchen and wash and dry off their bellies and all eight feet.   Sure hope I don’t lose one of them in the snow!!!



We sure had a great stay at Yellowstone National Park this year. We were there for a total of 4 weeks.  We got to see some magnificent wildlife. Our last day there we were honored to have our last visit from a herd of elk.  In the video below, the bull put on quite a display of bugling as they are coming into the rutting season.  We left Yellowstone on the morning of Sept. 27th before daylight. That morning as we were leaving and driving out of the park through Hayden Valley, we saw a wolf running full out along the bank of one of the beautiful lakes there. It was an awesome site with the sun just breaking over the horizon with a pink and gold reflection off the thin clouds, a light foggy steam rising up off the waters surface, surrounded by mountains. 

What a wonderful way for Yellowstone to say goodbye.





Our destination from Yellowstone was Cody, Wyoming.  We’ve always been told and always wanted to see the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum.  Wow, what an experience. Our big mistake was to only allow one full day there to tour it.  It’s so massive, it would take at least two full days to see it all and that would probably not be enough.  Besides the museum, we were really impressed at the number of bronze sculptures scattered throughout Cody.



cody_9-29-11 (4)


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  1. Oh my, I would not want to deal with all that snow. Brrr!!!

  2. Loved the photos of Cody, WY...the snow, not so much! Like Judy says...Brrr. Stay warm.


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