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RFWFF Fall Funigan–Days 2 & 3



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             Fall Funigan 2011 Rally          fwfdlogo_brown





Day 2 – Day of Visiting & Italian Dinner Night:

Tuesday, Day 2 of our Rally, was a day of visiting.  Throughout the day most of us sat around and told and listened to our old tales and experiences during our Fire Dept. careers.  Firefighters are notorious for pranks and practical jokes on one another around the Fire Station, so there was a lot of laughter and reminiscing as the day went on.

Later in the afternoon we all gathered in the Club House for our Italian Night Dinner.  The Ladies outdid themselves with some very delicious dishes.


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rfwff_day2 (1)

rfwff_day2 (2) 

rfwff_day2 (3)

rfwff_day2 (4)

rfwff_day2 (6)

rfwff_day2 (7)

rfwff_day2 (5)Alton Bostick and Roy Knight getting one more tale in

while standing in the food line.


Day 3 – Day trip to Historic Thurber:

Wednesday, our agenda was a trip to the Historic Town of Thurber.  From the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, Thurber was a thriving industrial town with over 10,000 inhabitants.  It became popular for it’s coal mining, then later for its crude oil discovery and production.  We took a tour mid-morning of the W.K. Gordon Center/Museum for the Industrial History of Texas.

rfwff_day3 (1)









rfwff_day3 (4)









rfwff_day3 (2)









rfwff_day3 (3)








After our tour of the Museum, it was time for lunch at the New York Hill Restaurant in Thurber.  They had a very extensive menu with very reasonable prices.  The service was outstanding as well as the meals.

rfwff_day3 (5)

rfwff_day3 (6)Left to Right:

James & Linda Stutt, Alton & Clarice Bostick, Mary & Jerry Richards, Nancy & Rodney Swan, Toni & Roy Knight, Don & Jan Ridlehoover, Linda & George Allison, and my Miss Carol.  I’m the one taking the picture.

After our meal we headed back to the RV Park where everyone took it easy recovering from the large servings of food.  Our afternoon agenda was meeting in the Club House for some really good snacks and games. 

Another good day with great friends.







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