Saturday, October 29, 2011

RFWFF 2011 Fall Funigan–Day 4




  Remember and Support your Local FireFighters

They run into buildings when others are running out.


Thursday was our last full day together.  It pretty much rained all day but the Ladies got together during the morning for a shopping trip to the outlet mall just east of Mineral Wells. The guys gathered in the Club House and visited and around lunch time decided to drive to a Bar-B-Que  place for lunch.  We struck out in the direction of Mineral Wells which was about 15 miles north of our RV Park. We had split up into two vehicles. There were a couple of the guys in the lead truck that remembered there being a couple of Bar-B-Que Restaurants there. It turns out that it had been quite some time since they’d visited them and after taking a criss-cross tour of Mineral Wells, we discovered that they’d all closed and gone out of business. George Allison spoke up and said there was a place just south of where our RV Park was and south of I-20.  So we drove back past the RV Park (15 miles back) and drove another 10 miles to a small community called Natty Flat and the Natty Flat Smokehouse

I have to say that it was worth the drive as this turned out to be some of the best Bar-B-Que I’d ever eaten.  By this time, it was well after lunch time so none of us ordered too much to eat as we all had plans to drive to the Brazos River Catfish Café for dinner that night.  While there, everyone was raving about the Natty Flat Smokehouse Fried Pies.  They only make 200 at a time and make them on Tuesdays and Fridays and they are so good, you have to call in advance to reserve the flavor and quantity you want. I called back as soon as we got back to the RV Park and reserved 3 Apricot and 3 Cherry Fried Pies for Miss Carol and I  to pick up on Friday morning on our way to Llano, TX.  Miss Carol and I couldn’t stand it and had to eat one as we were driving down the road.  I must say, they lived up to their reputation. DELICIOUS!!!

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rfwff_day4 (1)




  This is a photo of the interior of the Brazos River Catfish Café





rfwff_day4 (2)




On left side of table:

Alton & Clarice Bostick, Roy & Toni Knight, Don & Jan Ridlehoover, Linda & James Stutt




rfwff_day4 (3)




  On right side of table:

Mary & Jerry Richards, Rodney & Nancy Swan, Miss Carol, Linda & George Allison




rfwff_day4 (4)




Why my Goodness, even Elvis was there!!!!






The Brazos River Catfish Café is uniquely decorated in Elvis and 50’s memorabilia with old Rock & Roll songs playing from the Juke Box. Great atmosphere and great food with great friends.   

The next morning (Friday) was our departure day and we were all sent off with a Pancake Breakfast prepared and served by Jan & Don Ridlehoover.  Everyone else contributed side dishes of bacon, sausage, fruit, butter, syrup, and juice.


rfwff_day4 (10)




 Here’s Jan flipping those pancakes like a professional. Alton preparing some sausage I think.





rfwff_day4 (5)




Roy & Toni preparing the table. There’s Don helping Jan with his hands in his pockets.  ha ha





rfwff_day4 (6)




 James & Linda Stutt. Looks like James is ready, he has his plate in hand.





rfwff_day4 (7)




George and Rodney & Nancy. Looks like George is looking for coins that someone may have dropped on the floor.  ha ha




rfwff_day4 (8)




  Mary Richards and Linda Stutt.





rfwff_day4 (11)





Come and Get It!!!






Shortly after breakfast was over and the clean-up chores were done, Miss Carol and I pulled out with our rig as we had a pretty good drive ahead of us to Llano.  Plus we had to stop at Natty Flat and pickup our Fried Pies!


natty_flat_santo_tx (2)









natty_flat_santo_tx (3)










Natty Flat is the home of “The Star of Texas Rocking Chair” built out back in the saw mill.

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natty_flat_santo_tx (7)

  natty_flat_santo_tx (6)







natty_flat_santo_tx (5a)  Now that’s a BIG Rocking Chair




Want to give a big THANK YOU to Roy & Toni Knight for organizing and preparing  our Retired FireFighter gatherings. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to put one of these together like you do. 

GREAT JOB,  Roy & Toni !!! 

We all look forward to the next one.





  1. Wow, that's some rocking chair! Remember "Laugh In" and little Edith Ann would sit in that big rocking chair? That's what I thought of when I saw your picture.

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time!! Not sure when you are leaving but travel safely when you do!!


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