Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Retired Ft. Worth FireFighters Fall Funigan



             2011 Retired Fort Worth             

       FireFighters Fall Funigan’s Rallyfwfdlogo_brown





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Monday was the start of our bi-annual campout gathering.  One is held in the Spring and one in the Fall.  This one is being held at Coffee Creek RV Resort in Santo, Texas.  This is a four day event lasting thru Thursday 27th.  Coffee Creek Resort is two years old and is a very nice, clean, and friendly run Resort. 

rfwff_day1 (16)This is our Club Room where we’re holding our meetings and meals.


rfwff_day1 (17)It has a nice kitchen facility


rfwff_day1 (14)This is an outside view of the Club House

Yesterday, after everyone had arrived and got their rigs all set up and settled in, we had our “Hobo Stew” Dinner.  We started it around 5:30 in the afternoon and everyone contributed food to be mixed into the huge pot.  Some of the ladies brought cornbread and lots of great desserts as side dishes.  After dinner and the cleaning chores were done, most of us guys hung around and watched the Texas Rangers in the World Series.  The game ended a little after 10:00 pm and with the Ranger’s WIN, was a great ending to a great day with old friends.

rfwff_day1 (1)


  Left to Right:

Toni Knight, Nancy & Rodney Swan, Jerry & Mary Richards.  Roy Knight was probably up getting another bowl of stew. Ha Ha




rfwff_day1 (2)



Yep!!!  There he is. Caught him in the act.





rfwff_day1 (3)



 My better half: Miss Carol, Don & Jan Ridlehoover, George & Linda Allison





rfwff_day1 (5)

rfwff_day1 (7)



    Starting the clean-up





rfwff_day1 (8)



Looks like the guys got roped into doing the dishes.





rfwff_day1 (10)Roy Knight, Toni Knight, and Alton Bostick


Below is our section of the RV Resort where our rigs are parked nearby to each other.   Today we took it easy for the most part.  Miss Carol and I rode over to Strawn with George and Linda Allison for lunch at a well-known local favorite called “Mary’s Café”.  I had the “Medium” size chicken fried steak and it was as big as a platter.  I brought over half of it home for later.  Can’t imagine trying to eat a large one.  Tonight is our “Italian Night” dinner and everyone is bringing something Italian.  Can’t wait.








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  1. That looks like a lot of fun and a wonderful facility too. Haven't ever done hobo stew but it's a good idea. Love it when the guys wash the dishes!!


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