Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yellowstone Update & Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Just thought we’d give everyone an update on our Yellowstone Adventures.  We’ve been here in Yellowstone twelve days now and almost a week here at Mammoth Campground near the North Entrance. Tomorrow Miss Carol is going up to the gate office and extend our stay here another week.  Our campsite is perfect for visiting the north half of the park, satellite reception, cell phone reception, and solar system and the $7 a day is a whole lot better than $30 + a day in an RV Park. 


mammoth_9-12-11 (6)


mammoth_9-13-11 (30)



  Our campsite at Mammoth Campground.






Every day we have about 30 to 40 Elk migrate through the park going from the river nearby to bed down in Mammoth for the nights.  We had some, including a huge Bull Elk come right into our campsite which you can see in the video below.  We had one Elk start chewing on my flags we had set out. Then one day the Bull Elk was across the road from us at about 40 yards away with spectators crowding in on it and it kept looking our way and suddenly charged us as we scrambled inside the camper for safety. It ended up about 10 feet from us and the only reason it stopped was our sun-screen we had hanging from our awning. As it charged up the hill towards us, it went between some brush and our screen-room we had set up. I had guy ropes extending out and staked down to hold the screen-room in the wind and he severed the nylon guy rope as if he had razor blades on his hooves.  Would loved to have had pictures or video of the incident but we had other things on our minds besides the camera as Miss Carol and I were tripping over each other to get inside the door.


mammoth_9-13-11 (14)


Bison Close Encounters


Elk Close Encounters








  1. Wow, what a great visit you guys are having. Safe travels!

  2. What a great site you have at the park. I wonder if the elk prefer marine flags? :)

  3. Wow, that is so cool! Robert would love sitting in the camper watching those huge animals... as long as they didn't eat everything...I'll be sure to bring the flags in!


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