Friday, September 9, 2011

Hayden Valley–More Bison & Bald Eagle


Yesterday, Miss Carol and I took the truck over to the Hayden Valley area in hopes of just sitting out in our lawn chairs and possibly spotting some Grey Wolves.  We never did see any of the wolves but we sat for a couple of hours in our truck in one of the roadside pull-outs just watching the Bison and Spectators. We’re not sure which was more entertaining.  There had to have been at least 300 in the herd that we watched. We took our truck so Joe Cocker & Miss Sophie could go along and enjoy the day out of the trailer.

hayden_valley_9-8-11 (15)


  This bull bison walked out of the timber and onto the road right in front of our truck.  We followed along until he was ready to move off the road.




hayden_valley_9-8-11 (40)



They were constantly wallowing in the dirt to dust themselves to help keep the large flies from biting them. 




hayden_valley_9-8-11 (41)









hayden_valley_9-8-11 (73)


We stopped at an area later in the afternoon where it is a common area for the bison to ford the river and were able to get this shot.





After we left the bison, we drove back into the Upper Hayden Valley area and set out our chairs to see if we could see any wildlife come out of the tree line.  After about 15 minutes, I spotted a Bald Eagle perched on a log jam near the waters edge.  It appeared he had a vantage point for perhaps spotting trout as they swam by him.

hayden_valley_9-8-11 (69)


  Sorry for the not-so-clear pic but this eagle was about a 1/2 mile away and I had to use our largest zoom lens and we didn’t have our tri-pod with us so it was hard to hold steady.




Today, Miss Carol and I took the scooter and drove up to the Mud Volcano area and the Fishing Bridge area and across the north end of Yellowstone Lake towards the East Entrance and where a large wild fire is burning. There are about 8 wild fires burning inside the park at this time.

mud_volcano_fishing_bridge_area (5)

mud_volcano_fishing_bridge_area (16)

 mud_volcano_fishing_bridge_area (17)

mud_volcano_fishing_bridge_area (21)



  This is the wild fire towards the East Entrance. We can see the plumes of smoke from our campground and tonight it appears that it has worsened.




Tomorrow we plan to stay in camp and prepare things for our move to Mammoth Springs Campground up by the North Entrance.  If we can get in and find a good vacant spot with plenty of sunshine and view of southern sky, we plan to stay there for 2 weeks and explore all of the north half of Yellowstone.







  1. Hey! Have a great time on the rest of your visit! We just left from B.B. today! Loop B... Know what you mean about getting level!!! In Cody now... sad to leave the park, but they won't sell us any of it!!!

    Hope you get to see our wolves!

  2. Great pictures!! Glad you are enjoying Yellowstone. This is one of my favorite places. Hope the weather remains good for you and the wildfires don't get in your way!! Stay safe!!


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