Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Buffalo Back Up


Yesterday, we left Bozeman and headed into Yellowstone National Park.  It was about a 140 mile drive to the Bridge Bay Campground located on the edge of Yellowstone Lake.  What we thought was going to be about a three hour drive turned into a 5 1/2 hour drive as we forgot about the 35mph speed limit inside most of the park.  There were a few stretches of 45mph limits.  We didn’t really mind since the views were awesome. 

After we made the turn south from Grant Village area we headed into Hayden Valley where the Mary Mountain Trail is. This is the trail where the most recent fatal Grizzly attack took place less than a couple of weeks ago.  The trail and surrounding area has been completely closed until they can locate and isolate and hopefully capture the Grizzly involved. The last we heard, they’d captured one in a trap and are awaiting DNA testing results to see if it was the one.

Shortly after leaving the Mary Mountain Trail area we topped a slight hill and right in front of us was a large herd of Buffalo on both sides and middle of the road. 

yellowstone_9-6-11 (12)



 As you can see in the picture, this just started as there are not that many cars backed up.






yellowstone_9-6-11 (49)



  By the time the bison had decided which side of the road they wanted to be on, and we were able to start moving, the traffic had backed up in both directions as far as you could see.



yellowstone_9-6-11 (31)









yellowstone_9-6-11 (32)



  What a magnificent majestic bull bison watching over his herd. It’s hard to imagine these beautiful animals were almost extinct.






Even though we were able to move, the buffalo were still close to the vehicles and walking on what little bit of shoulder there was along the road.  When we finally arrived at the campground, we checked in and got our assigned campsite from our previous reservations. We had specifically stated in our reservations we wanted an open site for our satellite and solar system. When we got to our site, it was completely surrounded by trees.  We drove around all the loops writing down site numbers that would work for us.  We picked a pull-thru site that looked like it would be big enough and open enough.  We started setting up and the site was so un-level,  our Big Foot Leveling System couldn’t get the nose of the trailer high enough to get to level.  So we lowered the trailer back onto the truck and put 4” x 4” blocks under the front jacks in hope of being just enough to get level.  No luck.  We had to lower the trailer on the truck again and move to another site that was still not level but just enough that it would work for us.  WOW!!! What an ordeal.  By the time we got set up Miss Carol and I both were worn out.  We managed to get part of our solar system set up, did dinner, and hit the sack early.

Today we got up early, had a great breakfast of huevos rancheros, finished setting up the solar system, then hopped on the scooter and headed for Old Faithful Village and the new multi-million dollar Visitor’s Center.

old_faithful_9-7-11 (2)

old_faithful_9-7-11 (4)



  After that 38 mile ride on the scooter, I needed a hot cup of coffee to thaw out. 




After visiting the Old Faithful area it was close to 2:00 pm and needed to get back and check on the pups.  On the way, we pulled in at Kepler Cascades and snapped a few quick pics.


kepler_cascades_9-7-11 (6)



   Picture doesn’t do it justice.  Awesome in person. This is looking upstream.





kepler_cascades_9-7-11 (5)



  This is looking down stream.






The days scooter ride ended up being an 80 mile trip.  Before we got back to camp we encountered some sprinkles as afternoon scattered showers are forecasted thru tomorrow afternoon.  Tomorrow’s plans are to go up to Hayden Valley and to Grant Village.


bridge_bay_cg (1)



  Bridge Bay Campground with showers moving in.





bridge_bay_cg (2)



  Our campsite at Bridge Bay.











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  1. One of our favorite places on earth!! You are so just don't do it justice. Love the buffalo backup....they always get lots of looks and admiration whenever they are on the roadside. GREAT PLACE!! You guys enjoy!!


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