Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Short Trip to Glacier Nat. Park

Yesterday afternoon we took a short trip into Glacier Nat. Park. Since we got a late start, we just drove around the lower parts of the West Entrance.  We’re saving the “Going To The Sun Road” for a later day. 

This is the view from the West Lodge of McDonald Lake.  We drove around both sides of the lake as far as we could go.


  This is looking back toward the Lodge from where the first picture was taken.

Getting a late start, we didn’t take time to eat lunch before we left.  Everywhere we drove people were taking their lunch breaks from sight-seeing and having their little picnics.  Miss Carol and I have been on a diet for 3 weeks now and watching everybody else eating was driving us crazy.  Driving to the Park, Miss Carol spotted a Taco/Burrito stand on the side of the road.  Miss Carol said since we’ve done so good on our diet, we deserved a treat, and that she wanted to go back to the Taco Stand on our way home.


  So, whatever Miss Carol wants, Miss Carol gets. We each had one taco and one burrito.  The burrito was so big we saved half of it and had it for dinner later.


Well, GOOD NEWS, We were able to get Humpty Dumpty (our dryer) back together again. The new belt arrived today by U.P.S. and Miss Carol and I got busy and put on the new belt and got everything back to normal.  Miss Carol is a Happy Camper again!!!

Tomorrow or Friday we plan to go north of the town of Whitefish and take a ski-lift ride to the top of a mountain and do some sight-seeing up there.  We’re having some magnetic signs made for the truck advertising our distributing of the Super Seal Products: The Solution, Piranha, Amaze, Monitor Lizard, and Micro-Fiber Cloths & Chamois. The signs are being made by Fast Signs in Whitefish and will try to do it all in one trip.  We might even be scootering.

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