Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back at Kalispell, Montana

On Wednesday the 10th, we left Missoula after having some final touches to the Solar System. The reason we’ve installed a Solar System is because RV Parks are going up on their rates practically each year. A lot of them have changed their name from “RV Park” to “RV Resort” and increase their prices. It’s gotten where being on a fixed income and with the cost of everything increasing, we had to look for means to save on our expenses. So we hope with the money we’ll save on some of the nightly RV space rentals, we’ll  be able to stay afloat a little longer. Plus by installing a Solar System, Uncle Sam gives you a 30% rebate of your total cost back on your Income Tax Return.
We had to stop by a local RV Dealer to have a circuit board replaced on our Norcold Refrigerator that got knocked out during the solar install. We got to the dealer at 10:30am and by the time they worked us in and did the 15 minute repair we were on the road to Kalispell at 3:00pm.  It was a 2 1/2 hour drive here and by the time we got set up and had dinner, we were pretty much done in.
We have 3 days here at the Spruce RV Park On The River.  All that was available was in their overflow area. We leave here in the morning for Rocky Mountain High RV Park that we already had reservations for. It’s about 3 miles from here. It will be a much better place to stay. We stayed there two years ago.
kalispell_spruce_rv (1)

  Site at Spruce RV Park On The River.

kalispell_spruce_rv (2)

  Our view from our trailer of the mountains of Glacier National Park in the distance.

While here for 3 days, it gave us the opportunity to do some more re-arranging of our main basement to accommodate our solar frame and solar panels. I had to build a rack that is suspended from the ceiling and notched 1” x 4” boards for support from the floor of the basement.
kalispell_spruce_rv (4)

kalispell_spruce_rv (3)

  Miss Sophie and Miss Carol watching to make sure I do it right.




  1. Do you plan to do a lot of boondocking? I've decided not to do solar since I guess I'm not the boondocking type. Thought I would be, but the last five years proves otherwise. :)

  2. Sorry we missed you. We are at Spruce Park in Kalispell and would have loved to meet you!! Hope you have a great time here. We will be leaving on Wednesday and heading back to South Dakota until time for the Escapades in Gilette, WY.

    Safe travels!!

  3. If there is a way to get in touch with you, we would love to try to come by and meet you guys if you are not going to be too busy (we are only here today and tomorrow).


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