Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thursday - Stayed in Camp


Thursday, Miss Carol and I stayed close to home and just enjoyed the day sitting outside and looking at the mountains that surround the campground and lake.  In the afternoon, Miss Carol went on a photo-shoot taking pictures of our regular residents, a newly Mother & Father Osprey nested just north of our campsite, and a Buck Pronghorn that visits the campground every day to feed.

Male & Female Osprey on nest. Pronghorn Buck feeding in campground at Flaming Gorge Reservoir Lucerne Park.


In the evening Miss Carol started to prepare dinner.  We had some left-over Ribs from my birthday dinner at Famous Dave’s back in Grand Junction and a brisket I fixed in our slow cooker.  She boiled some fresh corn-on-the-cob that is just now coming into season here. Miss Carol had also whipped up some deviled eggs. She brought out her electric griddle and we warmed everything up right on the picnic table.  For some left over’s it turned out really good and the fresh corn was delicious.

july_5th (1)



  Fresh Corn on Cob






july_5th (2)



  Almost Ready










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