Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Days near Idaho Falls


We stayed just south of Idaho Falls in the small town of Shelley.  This was a back to civilization break for us after spending two weeks in Federal Campgrounds sort of out in the boonies.  We stayed at a very nice City/County Campground in Shelley. It was very clean, neat, quiet and appeared to be relatively new.  It was located right on the Snake River and when looking east over the first mountain tops, you could see the majestic jagged peaks of The Great Tetons.  It was nice to get back to Wal-Marts, Targets, Sams, Lowes, Home Depots, and Best Buys. 

idaho_falls_sculpture (46)


While there I was able to get caught up on some of my chores that had stacked up on me.  I also started and finished a new RV Project that I’ll show later in the Post.  The first day we drove into Idaho Falls (9 miles) and after finishing up on some shopping, we were headed back to Shelley when Miss Carol spotted a very interesting looking sculpture in the distance.  It was running late and we needed to get back to the trailer so we saved the sculpture for the next day.

idaho_falls_sculpture (8)

We interpreted this as being a male & female eagle both guarding their nest of two small eagles.  You can see the one on the left perched just above the nest with the two little ones right below it.  The other one is circling from above about to attack a predator on the other side of the rocks.


idaho_falls_sculpture (3) 








idaho_falls_sculpture (13)









idaho_falls_sculpture (27)


  The cougar/mountain lion was climbing the rocks towards the nest and looks back to see the other eagle attacking from behind and above.





idaho_falls_sculpture (24)



My RV Project was that I wanted to take advantage of all the space provided in our main basement storage area.  I came up with the idea to use the plastic shelving that is sold in all home improvement stores.  I ended up with one size from Lowe’s and another size from Home Depot. 



  This is a drawing I did on Microsoft Paint program of what I wanted to achieve. I had only so much space in depth & width.






basement_shelving (4)



  The space on the left is what I had to work with. Our slide-out storage tray is on the right. It’s pulled out the opposite side to give me more working room.



basement_shelving (2)


  Since I only had so much height to work with and I wanted 3 shelves, I had to cut all the legs in order to make it work.





basement_shelving (5)



  I used my jig saw with a metal cutting blade to cut the plastic tube legs.





basement_shelving (7)


  On the top shelf I used 1 inch angle aluminum strips along the edges to prevent contents from sliding off the shelves. I also used the feet that were supposed to be on the bottom on all the top corners to help hold contents.



basement_shelving (9)


  We placed the shelves inside the space and anchored it to the walls to keep it from dumping over while going down the road.





basement_shelving (10)


  The finished project. Loaded with our Coleman Screen Room, assorted tools, plastic containers, and some of our yard games. Our basement slide-out tray can slide out either side without interfering with the shelves.







  1. What a fabulous idea for your basement! The final product really looks great and fits perfectly. I know you will enjoy having the storage space and organization. :-)


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