Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Trip through the Colorado National Monument


Wednesday, Miss Carol and I decided to take a day trip through the Colorado National Monument.  It was only about an eight mile drive from the RV Park to the East Gate Entrance.  Earlier that morning around 9:00 I passed the kidney stone so I wasn’t too afraid to venture out and us do some exploring.  The stone was every bit of the 5mm estimation. In appearance, it was the largest one I’d ever passed. I quit counting the number of kidney stones I’ve passed when I reached 200 two years ago.

This is a very pretty park with a lot of resemblance to the Moab, Utah area.  We drove the 23 mile Rim Rock Road all the way to the west entrance over by Fruita, CO.


As you can see on the map (click on map to enlarge it), all along the Rim Rock Road, there are lots of scenic pull-outs with very picturesque overlooks.


co_nat_mon (5) 

  This view is above the Devils Kitchen area looking back towards Grand Junction. That trail used to be a road!!!






co_nat_mon (8)



 Miss Carol at Cold Shivers Point. Grand Junction in the valley in the background.






co_nat_mon (9)



That would be me with Miss Carol.







co_nat_mon (10)



This is Miss Carol being cute and trying to make me nervous.

It worked.





We continued driving along the Rim Rock Road stopping at all the turn-outs and taking pictures.


co_nat_mon (14)




I think this one is my favorite.







co_nat_mon (24)









co_nat_mon (25)









All day we had thunderstorms blowing in from the west over the mountains and we managed to dodge most of them.  We did have a brief hail storm and thank goodness it was only pea size.


co_nat_mon (32)

After driving about 18 of the 23 miles, Carol and I both needed a potty break so we stepped up our pace for the Visitors Center.  While there, I passed another kidney stone.  It wasn’t quite as big as the first one.


co_nat_mon (47)


  This is Independence Monument for which the park is named. It is a tradition every 4th of July for climbers to scale the Rock and plant U.S. Flags at the top followed by a large fireworks display.





co_nat_mon (37)




  Another great view with the rain storm moving in on the valley.






After about 4 hours we decided to head back to the trailer.  We did this on a whim and didn’t take anything for lunch and both of us were starting to get hungry.  Shortly after arriving back at the trailer and having lunch, I passed another kidney stone. I hope this is all for a while or better yet, the last one forever.  But I know that ain’t going to happen.








  1. Spectacular pictures! What a beautiful place to visit. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your day trip with us!! The pics are just stunning!

  3. A great drived for something done on a whim!


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