Friday, July 29, 2011

Back At Yellowstone

One week ago today we rolled into the Yellowstone area.  We had reservations at Red Cliff Campground along Hwy. 191.  It was right next to the Gallatin River but turned out to be a campground we didn’t care for too much so we only stayed there 3 days. Before leaving there, we met up with my brother Don and Judy and their grandson Peyton.  They came into West Yellowstone by way of Cody (East) and we came up from the South.  They were staying at a campground just outside of West Yellowstone (about 9 miles west) which was 50 miles from where we were camped at Red Cliff.  So we decided to move in closer in order to be able to visit more easily. We ended up 5 miles further west at River View RV Park. Driving 5 miles as opposed to 50 miles was a whole lot better considering our gas mileage.

valley_view_rv (2)



  Our campsite at River View






Our first day together, we took a day trip and drove up to Bozeman, Montana to visit the Grizzly Encounter Exhibit that has been featured on the National Geographic's Channel.  They have within their exhibit some Grizzly’s that they’ve been caring for since they were cubs. The one featured on NGC is Brutus but we didn’t get to see him since his appearance time didn’t start until 2:00 pm and we arrived there when they opened at 9:00 am.  We were very disappointed about not seeing Brutus but were still impressed with the others.
































             Massive Claws







Massive Jaws and Teeth


west_yellowstone (5)


 Left to Right: Me, Peyton, Judy, and Don


We went into West Yellowstone to a small Mexican Restaurant for lunch.



The next day we all rode into Yellowstone National Park. Don, Judy, and Peyton took their car and Miss Carol and I followed on our Scooter.  What an AWESOME way to see Yellowstone.  Being on the scooter with full vision of everything made you feel like you were part of the park.

yellowstone_7-26 (3)

This picture is for my Niece Cheryl (Mother of Peyton). Our first excursion was down a narrow one-way back road with steep sharp drop-offs on the side. It ran along some beautiful water cascades and waterfalls.




yellowstone_7-26 (4)




  Peyton with the Upper Falls in the background.





yellowstone_7-26 (5)





 The Upper Falls.

Twice as much water flowing over the falls as there was when we were here in 2009.








yellowstone_7-26 (10)




 The Wild Bunch






yellowstone_7-26 (15)



We stopped nearby the Lower Falls and had our picnic lunch we’d packed while sitting on an old log. Our scooter in the background.





yellowstone_7-26 (21)


yellowstone_7-26 (31)




  An old bump on a log.






yellowstone_7-26 (34)





           Just Us Guy’s








yellowstone_7-26 (46)

Miss Carol and I decided to head back early on the scooter while Don, Judy, and Peyton went on over to Artist Point.  On our way back we happened upon this magnificent Bull Elk.  When we first saw him he was standing in the middle of the stream and was the perfect photo shoot.  By the time we got stopped and got the camera ready, he’d moved out of the stream and started grazing.  Still a good pic.

It’s now Friday and Don, Judy, and Peyton have moved on down to The Grand Teton’s and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Last night we had a hamburger cook-out and said our good-bye’s. We had a really good visit and it seems harder and harder to say good-bye.  Don was not looking forward to heading back to Texas and those Triple Digit Days of August.

We will be here at Yellowstone until Monday morning when we’ll be heading to Missoula, Montana to see about having a Solar System installed on the 5th Wheel. If all goes well, we’ll be energy independent and will be able to do some boon-docking out in secluded areas. Our plan is to hang out in Northern Montana until September when the tourist crowds start to thin and come back to Yellowstone to do some serious sight-seeing.






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  1. I spent two months near Yellowstone last summer, and it hardly seemed enough! :)


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