Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July - Road Day to Wyoming

Yesterday as I began to plan our route for today, I switched my mapping program (Microsoft’s Streets & Trips) from the “Road Map” view to “Terrain” view. I quickly realized we’d be traveling thru some rugged terrain as well as what appeared to be a couple of mountain passes with pretty good elevation.  Sure enough, the first pass we went over was Douglas Pass on Hwy. 139 (8400’ elev.) about 60 miles out of Grand Junction.  There were a couple of sharp switchbacks with 7% and 8% grades.  The second one actually doesn’t have a name as well as I can tell.  It was just south of the Ashley National Forest on Hwy. 191.  It’s elevation was around 86oo’.  It had several switchbacks and had a continuous 8% grade for miles both up and down.  It was a pretty good pull averaging only 30mph.  We drove a total of 210 miles today and I believe this was the prettiest drive we’ve had in our 4 1/2 years of full-time traveling. You can check out our 2011 Travel Map on our Map Page and zoom in and see between location #9 and #10 for our route and switch it to "satellite view".

This was our first view of Flaming Gorge Reservoir when we came over the pass.
This is a huge lake several miles long.  It sits right on the border of the N.E. corner of Utah and the S.W. corner of Wyoming.

Here are some more pics of Flaming Gorge.

flaming_gorge (5)

  This is from our campsite. Just shortly after arriving and getting set up, thunder storms & showers started rolling in.

We will be at this campground for at least a week.  We hope to be able to dodge the thunderstorms that are forecast all week, and get some scooter riding in.

Happy 4th Everyone!!!



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