Monday, June 6, 2011

Scooter Trip to Cripple Creek


This morning Miss Carol needed to make a trip to the local Veterinarian for some doggie supplies. The Vet is located about half way between Woodland Park, where we’re staying, and Divide (west of Woodland Park).  I told her I was thinking about us making a run over to Cripple Creek before we leave here on Friday.  So she started putting things together (small cooler w/soft drinks and peanut-butter crackers).  I grabbed the camera and we loaded everything into the saddlebags on the scooter and headed out around 11:00 am.  We stopped off at the Vet on the way so as to keep Miss Carol happy.  We arrived in Cripple Creek a little after 12:00 noon.


On our way there we encountered some pretty strong wind gusts as we topped some of the higher peaks. This always makes Miss Carol a nervous rider.  I swear, sometimes she squeezes me with her legs so hard, I’m afraid its going to cut off the blood circulation to my brain and cause me to pass out.  We rode along a very scenic highway  67 along the mountain sides through dense trees and sometimes we got so much elevation, we were above the tree line.  I think the highest we got was around 10,300 ft. above sea level.  Every now and then we could see Pikes Peak off to the east of us.  It still has snow on it at the upper elevations.


Cripple Creek is an old Gold Mining Town.  All the old building of the downtown area are now either a Casino, a Novelty Shop, or a place to eat.  A lot of the buildings date back to the 1800’s. 


It being a Monday and early in the day, there was not a lot of action going on.  We walked back to our scooter and grabbed our snacks and drinks and found us a bench in the shade and chowed down and people watched.  After that we walked up  to The Brass Ass Casino and I couldn’t resist giving some of my money away on the Crap Table.  Miss Carol managed to snap a couple of quick photos of me before the Pit Boss came over and told her not to use the camera inside the Casino.  She knew that, but wanted some pics of me on the table anyway.  Those of you who know Miss Carol, if you tell her not to do something, she’s gonna do it anyway.


That’s me in the Texas Longhorn cap.  If you look close, you can see, there’s not many chips in the rail in front of me.  Although, at one time, I had doubled my original investment only to give it all back to them before I left the table.


Since the action was so slow, they were only operating on half the table.  We cashed in a few remnant chips at the cashiers cage, got back on the scooter and headed back to Woodland Park.




  1. What a nice ride on your scooter! Looks like it was a really nice day except for a few gust of wind. Cripple Creek is a very unique place...thanks for the tour.

  2. Scooter trip all over seems to be little different and you think of that. As you have shown the map and you will over all of the distances with the help of the scooter. I think you will enjoy that.


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