Monday, June 20, 2011

The Great Rocky Mountains, Great Friends, Great Food, Great Day


Saturday, Miss Carol and I had made arrangements to meet up with a couple of old friends,  George and Linda Allison from back when I was on the Fire Dept. in Ft. Worth.  I had worked with George (Baby George) several years at Station 17 and have been friends ever since.  You might ask, Baby George???? , what does that mean?  Well, on the Fire Dept. I’d say at least 50% of us (me included, “boywonder”) had nick names pinned on us usually while we were still rookies.  I’m not real sure when Baby George got his nickname because he had it when I met him when I was transferred to Station 17 from Station 10. I was a little younger than him and he sort of “took me under his wing”.  At the time, there were two George’s and two Charles’s at 17’s.  There was an old lieutenant there, George Henderson, so to keep down on the confusion, George got crowned as “Baby George”. 

The two Charles’s were Charles Edwards and myself.  We were both on the same shift and every time one of us would get a phone call, they’d yell out, “Charles, phone!” and inevitably, both of us would go to the phone.  So it was determined, something had to change. So it did, my name.  I was crowned as Wonder Boy which was shortly changed to Boy Wonder, then quickly changed to B.W.  Over the years, I got to where I didn’t even answer to my real name. Matter of fact, the Chief of the Fire Dept. only knew me as B.W.

Enough on nicknames, now back to our visit with Baby George and Linda.  We got to their place around 11:00am and when we arrived, I realized I didn’t know what site number they were in.  So we stopped at the office and the manager asked me if he could help me.  I said, “yes, I’m looking for George Allison”. His reply was, “What do you want with that ol’ fart?” My reply was, “Sounds like you know him pretty well.” We found their site and we visited and chatted for a while. Then George fired up his grill and Linda started bringing out the fixin’s.  We had grilled hamburgers with all the trimmings.  I’ve got to say, those may very well be the best hamburgers we’ve ever eaten.  Those burgers hadn’t even settled yet when George broke out a freezer of homemade fresh strawberry ice cream.  Now it just doesn’t get any better than that.


Left to Right: Linda, Miss Carol, Baby George

george_linda_castle_lakes (5)




  Miss Carol sitting, waiting on the burgers




george_linda_castle_lakes (4)



 George & Linda’s motorhome and jeep





george_linda_castle_lakes (1)



This is the view from their front windows.





After all the food settled George wanted to know if we wanted to go on a sight-seeing trip in the jeep so off we went. He took us over a road that I think eventually ends up in Silverton, not sure.  He said it was an old road that the stagecoaches used long ago.  These pics don’t do it justice as you really can’t tell how narrow, rough, and curvy it is along with the steep drop offs to the side.

george_linda_castle_lakes (26)








george_linda_castle_lakes (27)








The following pics are some of the scenery along the way.

george_linda_castle_lakes (6)








george_linda_castle_lakes (7)








This is a pic of a place that was for sale.  It had its own private waterfall. You can click on any of the pics to enlarge and zoom in.

george_linda_castle_lakes (11)          george_linda_castle_lakes (15)

The picture on the right down in the beautiful valley is of a beautiful log lodge with natural and man made lakes surrounding it along with the river flowing by from melted snow. This lodge is owned by Bass Pro Shops for the use of corporate meetings and outings. Now I know where all that money I’ve spent on fishing tackle and lures has gone and that it was put to good use.  You’d think the least they would do is let us stay there a few days. ha ha.

george_linda_castle_lakes (28)

We drove just a little ways past this camping area and turned around and headed back down the mountain.  By the time we got back to George and Linda’s campsite, it was time for us to head back to ours.  We had a wonderful time visiting with wonderful friends.





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  1. Beautiful scenery! Looks like you had a blast,
    You need to head to New Mexico come fall!


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