Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black Canyon of the Gunnison Boat Tour


Yesterday, Miss Carol and I participated in the Black Canyon Boat Tour that takes place twice a day with a morning or afternoon departure.  We opted for the morning one and cooler temps.  We took the scooter down to the trailhead from our campground last week to gauge how long it would take us to get there and walk down the long trail to the launch area and determined we needed to leave at least an hour before launch time of 10:00.  It ended up we needed the whole hour as the trail was not an easy navigation.

blk_cyn_boat_tour (1)


 Miss Carol at trailhead. This part wasn’t too bad with some easy concrete steps.






blk_cyn_boat_tour (5)



 A beautiful stream followed us all the way down the trail to bottom of the Canyon. 260+ steps along the way.




blk_cyn_boat_tour (8)



This was our first glimpse of the bottom of the Canyon. About 1/2 way down.





blk_cyn_boat_tour (9)


 Once we reached the bottom, we had about a 3/4 mile hike along this narrow trail to the launch area. This trail was originally where the narrow gauge railroad ran along the Gunnison River.





blk_cyn_boat_tour (13)



 Our tour boat was a 42 passenger pontoon boat. We had a Captain of the boat and a Park Ranger that narrated the tour.




The Black Canyon contains some of the oldest exposed rock on Earth. Precambrian, or “basement” rock, is nearly 2 billion years old.

Black Canyon is home to the fastest bird in the world, the Peregrine falcon. Scientists estimate that Peregrines can reach speeds of over 200 mph in an aerial dive.

The Gunnison River through Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park drops at an average of 95 feet per mile. By comparison, the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park drops an average of 7.5 feet per mile.







  1. Great video of your boat tour. This will definitely be added to our "to do" list. It looks like a very spectacular place.

  2. Did you make it back up, or are you still climbing those 260 steps up??? :)

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