Monday, May 2, 2011

Yesterday Museum, Today the Canyon


Yesterday, since the weather turned cold/windy on us, we took advantage and toured the PPHM (Panhandle Plains History Museum) in Canyon, TX.  What an experience. The building sits on the campus of West Texas A&M University and is three stories in height. Kind of modest looking from the outside, but what a change once you enter the door.  I describe it as “The Little Smithsonian”. 


You could easily spend a full day in this one building.  Since it was Sunday, the museum didn’t open until 1:00pm and closed at 6:00pm, so we had to move through it at a pretty good pace.  I don’t think our legs and backs could have stood a whole day anyway.


Once again, I forgot to charge the battery on the camera and shortly after entering the front door and my 3rd picture, the camera quit.  I did manage to get a pic of Miss Carol checking out an exhibit.


Since we took somewhere around a 100 pictures of the Palo Duro Canyon aka: Little Grand Canyon just south of Amarillo, TX. We thought we’d just put a short slideshow together of some of the better shots.  The pictures say it all.   Hope you enjoy.



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