Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow


Wow, can things change with just a few thousand feet of elevation.  Woke with the sound of light rain in the middle of the night and it suddenly stopped.  Miss Carol thought to herself, “Wow, the rain didn’t last long”.  When she got up around 6:00am to take Joe & Sophie out for relief, this is what she saw and this explains why she didn’t hear the rain continuing on during the night.





7:00 am









12:00 Noon





The National Weather Service is now predicting accumulations of 8” of snow.  It’s supposed to continue through today, tonight, and tomorrow.



The deer in this area are not afraid of humans as they are protected by law and ordinances.  They will practically walk right up to you



Small Fishing Lake near Woodland Park


Joe Cocker and Sophie experiencing the snow with Miss Carol.




  1. Wow..makes us "homesick"..beautiful! D & J

  2. We are not far from you! Come on up and visit us when the weather clears up. We are at KOA Cripple Creek.

    Happy Trails,

    John and Carol

  3. Beautiful snow pics! That scene is a far cry from our weather here.....highs in the 80s already!

  4. You are so close to where we are staying. When the weather clears come visit us at KOA Cripple Creek, if possible. We'd love to meet you in person.


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