Saturday, May 7, 2011

Helloooo Puebloooo & Slopperz

Tuesday was a Road Day for us as we left Canyon, Texas and Palo Duro Canyon and headed north then west to Pueblo, CO.  We drove a total of 365 miles and my butt felt every mile of it.  We got an early start for us leaving at 7:30am and we arrived in Pueblo West, CO. at 3:30pm.  Miss Carol and I both were past ready to be here.  Joe and Sophie had a nice relaxing trip in their rear seat high-rise condo.

Now, this is (two) toooooo cute !!!!!!

We pre-selected our RV Park sight unseen prior to our trip and that’s what we got…. un-sceanly sight.  We are at Pueblo West Campground and we would not recommend this to anyone unless for just an over-night quick in and quick out stay.  It’s 99% permanent/long-term residents and it looks like most have been here for years. I’ve discovered that it used to be named Horseman’s RV Park and since changed due to probably bad reviews.  It sits right in the middle of Horse boarding stables and a riding arena.  Now don’t get me wrong, if smelling horse dung 24 hours a day is your thing, then this is the place for you.  Only good things I can say about it is it’s less than a mile to the Wal-Mart Supercenter, the view of Pikes Peak is nice, and the rates are cheap as is the RV Park.

This is our view of Pikes Peak out our large back window.  Sort of.  I had to do some cropping.
On Thursday, Miss Carol and I drove down to Pueblo about 10 east of Pueblo West to do some sight-seeing, shopping, and to do lunch out.  We were told of a “must do” in Pueblo and it’s the “Green Chili’s Slopperz” that all the restaurants in Pueblo compete against one another for the title of “Best Slopperz”.  So, we went to the place where it all started, “Gray’s Coors Tavern” on 4th Ave. 

A slopper is a cheeseburger (or hamburger) served smothered in red chile or green chile or chile sauce. Sloppers generally include grilled buns and are often topped with freshly chopped onions and sometimes french fries. Eating a slopper requires using a fork or spoon; a fork and knife, or fork and spoon, combination is recommended.
The slopper is served in restaurants and taverns in the Pueblo and Colorado Springs area of Colorado.

It has been determined that the slopper originated in Pueblo, Colorado in the early to mid-1970s. The first restaurant to serve the slopper is undetermined. Some claim that it was first served in Gray's Coors Tavern, while others insist that it originated at Star Bar.  According to a version of Gray's Coors Tavern's website, the slopper originated there in the 1950s. The same site also claims that the name slopper was derived from a comment by a customer stating that the dish looked like slop. The website attributes the creation of the slopper to brothers Johnnie and Joe Greco, who had previously owned the tavern.
Sloppers were featured in a Travel Channel television show Food Wars episode "Pueblo -- The Slopper" (2010). The show interviewed persons involved in restaurants which serve sloppers, as well as Juan Espinosa, a former editor of the Pueblo Chieftain. Espinosa discussed the slopper's origin, attributing it to the Greco brothers who owned Gray's Tavern. Espinosa said that a customer of Gray's Tavern named Herb was dissatisfied with the amount of chili on his chiliburger, and to quell Herb, his burger was covered in chili (probably intended as an exaggerated and exasperated maneuver), and it became a delighted new serving suggestion.



  1. The smell of cow, chicken, and turkey manure makes me gag, but horse apples have never bothered me for some reason. I think I'd pass on the sloppers...don't care for chile. :)

  2. We were recently in Pueblo. We enjoyed our stay and especially liked the Nature and Rapture Center.

    We missed out on trying a slopper! Just might have to go back and check one out.

    Happy Trails


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