Sunday, May 1, 2011

Great to be Rollin’ Again


Day before yesterday we left our friends at San Saba after 4 great days of visiting at the Retired Ft. Worth Fire Fighters Spring Thang.  The temperatures that week was in the 90’s and winds in the upper 20 mph.  We arrived at the Abilene State Park in Buffalo Gap, TX around 2:00pm and set up in the upper 90’s temp. Winds still blowing.  I’ve never seen the wind blow like it has this year. It must have something to do with this El Niño’ weather pattern. Yesterday we loaded up early and headed out for Canyon, TX. and Palo Duro Canyon.  The temps were somewhat cooler as a cold front had passed through. We drove for about 9 hours including an hour layover in Lubbock at the Wal-Mart Supercenter to stock up some necessities and I went ahead and topped off the two fuel tanks since these prices are going up daily. It’s sad when you pay $3.90 a gallon and you’re glad to get it for that. 

When we turned north off of I-20 at Sweetwater (The Wind Capitol of the World), we then had a head wind to battle all the way to Canyon.  Sweetwater is covered up with wind turbines.  We started seeing them long before we got to Sweetwater and after turning north on Hwy. 84, we had them on both sides of the highway for miles and miles.



I can’t seem to figure out who is benefitting from these generators as I haven’t noticed the electric rates going down any. 

When we got to Canyon, it was very pleasant with the temp in the lower 70’s and the wind was only around 10mph.  This morning we awoke to thunder, light rain, winds in excess of 30mph and a wind chill of 31 degrees.  WOW!!! What a change.  As we sat at our dining area table eating our bowl of oatmeal and looking out our windows, we could see tumbling, tumbling, tumbleweeds go by.  Sort of reminds me of an old song.

Our plans today were to go out and tour Palo Duro Canyon and leave in the morning, but since the weather soured, we’re going to go into Canyon and visit the Panhandle Plains Museum.  We’ll stay an extra day and visit the Canyon tomorrow and leave on Tuesday. 


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  1. The spring weather has been wild this year! :)


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