Thursday, April 28, 2011

Retired Ft. Worth Fire Fighters Spring Thang Day 3



   This is Day 3 of our Spring Thang Campout.  The highlight of our day today was a caravan trip south of San Saba to the town of Llano.  Our destination was “Coopers Bar-B-que”.  This was a 30 minute drive and boy was it worth it.  If you’ve never been here, you need to.  As you enter, you walk past one of their many pits where one of their employees helps you with your selection of meat.  They place your order on a serving tray atop some market paper where you proceed inside to have it weighed and priced. There you select the other sides and condiments you want like cole slaw, potato salad, choice of dessert (blackberry cobbler, peach cobbler), and drinks.  In the eating area there is another serving bar that contains beans, sauce, and various accessories.



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