Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Retired FireFighters Spring Thang Day 1



Yesterday,  April 25th was the official start for the Ft. Worth Retired Fire Fighters “Spring Thang” Campout.  This was the day that most arrived. There was a few of us that got here a day or two earlier.  Most filtered in throughout the day as time and situations permitted them to leave from home.

We all gathered through the day to visit and catch up on the latest news as we chased the shade under the pecan trees as the hot sun passed overhead.  Later in the afternoon after the heat and high winds became more than we should bare, we all moved inside the air conditioned Club House to pick up where we’d left off.  It is really a great and special time to see and visit with so many of my old friends and fellow firefighters that I’ve not seen in “way too many years” since my retirement. Carol and I have even had the privilege of meeting some for the first time.  The Ft. Worth Fire Dept. is a relatively large department with hundreds of employees.  I spent my entire career in District 1 (south side of Ft. Worth) always on the “C” Shift.  During my career, there were 5 Districts and “A”, “B”, and “C” Shifts so I didn’t have many opportunities to get to know and meet everyone.


Above: Rodney & Nancy Swan  w/ RoyBoy Knight in background



Above: Dortha Hall & Donnie Martin



Above: Donny again & Karen Martin,  Sue & Dean Mayhew



Above: George & Linda Allison



Above: Linda Allison, Miss Carol, and Toni Knight



Above:  Sue & Dean again, Mark Hall


We’re already having a great time and this is just the first day, and everybody hasn’t even arrived yet.


Please support your local Fire Fighters.


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