Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Retired Fire Fighters Spring Thang Day 2



By late yesterday afternoon, all that were to attend, had arrived.  We’ve ended up with 11 rigs and 22 people and 3 dogs attending. What a great day we had today.  Again, we gathered under the pecan trees this morning as everyone began filtering out of their rigs after their first cup of coffee or breakfast.  It was a very pleasant morning as the air was much cooler and the wind had actually laid down during the night.  It didn’t last long, as the sun gained height, so did the temperature and the wind.

RoyBoy and Toni Knight, our Wagon Masters, have put together a great planned agenda for us all.  Our first event of the day was Lunch out at a well known local restaurant by the name of  Millican  Pecan Co.  By the way, San Saba is known as “The Pecan Capitol of the World”.  We had variety of choices to chose from for our meal.  Carol and I both chose the “Cobb Salad” and of course, I had to order a piece of their famous homemade pecan pie.


 Left to Right front table: Linda Allison, Nancy Swan, Rodney Swan, Mary & Jerry Richards, Roy & Toni Knight. Back table center: Sue & Dean Mayhew. Back table right: Dortha Hall, Karen & Donnie Martin, Mark Hall



 Clarice & Alton Bostick, Don & Jan Ridlehoover (backs).




 Jan & Don Ridlehoover, Clarice & Alton Bostick.



 Mary & Jerry Richards, Roy & Toni Knight.



Lining up after lunch to do our caravan San Saba Tour.



The Matrimonial Tree. 400 years old.  Click on any image to enlarge it.




Everyone checking out the big “Wedding Oak”



Texas’s Historic Suspension Bridges


No better way to end a great day, than with a good ole’ spaghetti dinner.  Rodney & Nancy Swan furnished the meat sauce and Roy & Toni Knight furnished the pasta.  All the other ladies furnished several salads, different types of bread, and a delicious choice of desserts.  Once again, I inflicted pain upon my body by eating sooooo much. I sacrificed myself to keep from hurting any of the cooks feelings.





Don & Jan Ridlehoover



George Allison, Roy Knight



Group Ladies picking up the leftovers.




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