Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our San Antonio Day Trip


Yesterday, we drove into San Antonio for the day.  From our campsite it’s about a 60 mile one way trip.  We left about 10:15am with hopes of arriving at a place Carol had read about in a magazine for lunch before the lunch rush arrived. I guess we barely made it as we got seated at the last table available and after us, there was a long standing waiting line for others to get seated.  The name of this little, so popular place is Taco Taco Café.  It is a Family owned business for only 10 years but the building it is in is much older.  To explain our interest in eating here, it was voted as “The Best Taco’s In America” by Bon Appetit of the Food Network.  It is also listed in Bon Appetit’s “America’s Best Restaurants”.  As stated, it was very good.

I was unable to take pictures of Taco Taco Café. I didn’t realize until I took my camera out of the case and tried to snap a picture of the outside of the building, that I’d forgot to put the memory card back into the camera the night before.  You can click on the link above and get some details.  We left Taco Taco Café and headed for another place that Carol had read about.  It’s called Los Valles Fruit and Foods. Their specialty is a chilled cup of fresh fruit (strawberries, grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon and papaya that is dusted off with a sprinkling of sugar and a chili powder blend that really gives it an unusual twist. 



I was able to search Google Images and found pics of Taco Taco and Los Valles.









Was actually better than we’d imagined.






The next leg of our journey took us downtown San Antonio to the River walk, Mall, and the Alamo.  San Antonio is one of mine & Carol’s most favorite cities to visit. We’ve been coming here every few years since Carol and I first met.





Can’t visit the River walk area without the ride on the river itself to take in all its beauty.










They are expecting some 300,00 visitors this coming Monday alone.











The Alamo, the place where many a hero gave their lives.










Cypress Tree over 300 years old on the banks of the river walk. It’s said that Santa Anna placed snipers in this tree during the siege on the Alamo.





Our next stop was to the Market out on the west edge of downtown.  We walked the shops of the Market looking at all the souvenirs and tourist trap trinkets. Its funny, there must be 5o or 60 of these shops just in this small area and it seems like each and every one of them is selling the same items. We didn’t want to be disappointed by what appeared to be “Mexican” memorabilia and look on the bottom only to find it was “Made In China” like everything else in our world, so we didn’t.

Of course when you visit the Market, you have to eat at Mi Tierra’s Café.  This is another one of our “Must Do’s” when visiting San Antonio. There food is great as well as their Candy & Bakery goods.  If you wait for prime time dining, they are so busy, you have to take a number and wait for your number to be called, to be seated.  We always go early to avoid this.






Yea, I know, we always have pictures of food on our blog.  Hey!!!, when you get to our age, there are only a FEW pleasures in life. One of ours is eating. ha ha.









The festive decor inside Mi Tierra’s.










Looking down the Candy & Bakery counter at Mi Tierra's.  As full as we were, we had to get 6 pecan pralines and 6 peanut patties to take home with us. And of course a little fudge…..






  1. I've been to Mi Tierra's Cafe, and really enjoyed it. Hard to choose from the bakery counter! :)

  2. We love San Antonio too. Great pictures and thanks so much for the restaurant recommendations. We will be sure to try them on our next visit.


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