Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Texas Hill Country and John Wayne


It sure felt good to get back on the Road Again, even if was just for 165 miles and one day.  We are now here in Bandera, TX and will be here for a month.  But what a deal, we have accidentally happened upon a Gem here.  We were headed for Skyline Ranch RV Park on the edge of Bandera, but on arrival there, discovered we would not be able to stay there due to them being booked up with Rally’s. The manager there gave us a list of phone numbers of other Parks located nearby.  The last one on the list and the last one he mentioned was 12 miles further out of town. We called the other Parks on the list first and discovered the same situation. They were all booked up.


So, as a last resort, we called “The Farm” and asked if they had an opening. They said they had only one space available and not sure we could get satellite reception there or not and that the site would not last long either as they had other inquiring calls.  We thought we’d just drive on out and check it out and if it didn’t offer much, just stay a week and move on.  It turns out, this is one of the nicest RV Parks we’ve been in and the friendliest people. We signed up for a month and we are already talking about wintering here next winter.  The sites are very spacious and spread out over several acres giving you adequate privacy.  There are a total of 70 sites here with more being developed.




This is the view straight out our living room windows looking east towards San Antonio. You can see the hills in the background.





The Park itself sits on the side of a large hill on a ranch of several hundred acres. The whole side of the hill has been terraced and a lot of thought has gone into the placement of each and every site.  The name of the park is actually “Farm Country RV Park”. Ends up, with the short cuts, we’re only 8 miles from Bandera and 46 miles to the outer loop of San Antonio and 65 miles to the center of Downtown San Antonio.



Now about yesterdays Road Day.  We got up early to start getting things ready as we had a lot to do after sitting for 3 months.  This was to be the first time to load the scooter onto the Swivel Wheel while mounted to the 5th Wheel.  We couldn’t load it until we moved the trailer because the ground wasn’t level around the trailer.  By the time we got on the road it was almost 10:00am.  We didn’t take time to eat breakfast because of the early start.  We thought we could make it to Bandera around lunch time.  Well, by the time we got to the Border Patrol Check Point between Uvalde and Hondo, I felt like I’d better check all the tie-down straps on the scooter.  We have a wireless camera mounted back there and a monitor on the dash of the truck just so we can keep an eye on it and make sure its still back there.  Everything was still there except the rear wheel on the scooter had shifted to the side with the road vibration and dips on the road and bridges.  I tightened up the straps and after about 30 minutes, we were back on the road again.  By the time we got to Hondo, Carol and I was still nervous and decided that between the two of us, we could lift the scooter and re-center the rear wheel.  That meant taking all the straps loose and re-positioning and re-doing the straps.  This all took about an hour. Now remember, we didn’t eat breakfast and we haven’t stopped for lunch either.  Between Hondo and Bandera, Carol came up with the wonderful idea of just setting up the trailer enough to get unhooked from the truck and drive back into Bandera and have now what would be Dinner at the O.S.T. (Old San Antonio Trail) Restaurant that I’ve raved about so much in previous posts here on the blog.  By this time our stomachs were saying “Thank You” every time we swallowed.

Folks,  let me tell you, the leveling jacks barely touched the ground, and my butt was back in the truck and I was hollering at Carol to COME ON!!!!  We walked in and immediately headed for the John Wayne Room.  When you walk in the door to your immediate left is the old saloon style bar.




Notice the bar stools are saddles and the entire place looks like a western museum.







On your way to the John Wayne Room, you have to walk by the Chuck Wagon Salad Bar with all kinds of fresh goodies.






As you’re sitting at your booth or table you glance around the room and realize that every drawing, painting, sketch, portrait, or image of John Wayne, is on these walls. It is totally amazing, not only John Wayne, but every Western Movie Star since the beginning of movies (even silent films).   Notice the old lanterns hanging from the ceiling for light fixtures.  The food and the service is excellent.  While I was taking a few quick snapshots, Carol was ordering for us.  She ordered us both the John Wayne Chicken Fried Steak. She figured it was sooooo big, we could easily get two meals out of them.  It took all the control we had to not eat it all at one time.  Glad we didn’t as we’d have been miserable.




Now does this look good or what???? 






We decided to take today off to re-coop.  We’re not sure if it was for re-cooping from the Road Day or the Chicken Fried Steak.  Ha ha.   Tomorrow we plan to do a scooter road trip thru the hills and back roads over to Kerrville and back.




  1. Isn't it amazing how you can just happen upon those gems when traveling??? So glad you found such a nice place to be for your month stay. Have fun exploring the area!!

  2. that is a lot of food..but since you didn't eat all day..what the heck!..glad you found a nice place to park for a while!!..going to check out their website!!!


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