Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scootering Around Texas

Today we took a scooter day trip over to Medina,Vanderpool, Leakey, Utopia, and back to the RV Park.  A total of 108 miles round trip.  Just north of Vanderpool is where the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum and Ace Café is located.  On the way there the roads were pretty much level with a slight roll and a few gentle curves.



This is the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum.



The Ace Café is located inside.


We’ve been told by all the locals that they have one of the best hamburgers so we both ordered one w/jalapeno buns and a basket of home cut fries. They were just as good as they look. We’ve also been told that they have a delicious Meat Pie w/gravy. I guess we’ll have to wait until our next day trip over that way to try it out. By the time we got these burgers down, we were stuffed.


This is my Yamahama Momma standing beside our Yamaha Majesty scooter.

These back roads all around the Bandera, Kerrville, and Fredericksburg area are heavily traveled by recreational riders especially on weekends.  We passed several groups along our route today.


Below, I’m going to show you two photos side by side.  The first one is a eye opening, awakening, awareness, and very disconcerting photo of a road sign with statistics.  The second photo illustrates why there is a need for the sign.

leakey7This group was coming head on towards us from around a blind curve. I would guess they were doing at least 40mph.  Carol just happened to have the camera out and snapping pics and caught this fool on the wrong side of the road only a few feet from us. I had to swing to the right to avoid a collision.  Not sure where his mind was, but it sure wasn’t on the road and where he was going.

Below is a map of our scooter routes so far. You can zoom in and out and can click on the markers for additional details and more photos.

View 2011 Scooter Trips in a larger map


  1. what a great day filled with 'one close call' and a delicious lunch!!!..take it easy riding your scooter!!

  2. That guy must not have read the sign! He could easily be #11. Be safe out there...

  3. He obviously didn't read the sign...I'm always extra careful on blind curves, especially on weekends. Too many idiots out there sightseeing! Glad you're safe...


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