Thursday, March 10, 2011

Preparing For The Road


It’s getting time to start getting things ready for this years travels.  On the 22nd we’re going to move east, close to San Antonio, TX. to a little town named Bandera. We visited there 3 years ago while we were Work Kamping at an RV park in Kerrville. This is an awesome town with lots of stuff going on all the time. When we visited there before, we stopped and had lunch at an old restaurant on Main St. that looked like it might have been there 100 years.  The name is O.S.T. Restaurant (Old San Antonio Trail).  We walked in and it was very busy with lots of locals, which to me is a real good sign. We were greeted with all kinds of memorabilia from the old west, including what looked like the long bar you always see in Saloon’s in Western Movies.  We went around to another room where it appeared to be more seating available. Turns out this was the John Wayne Room.  Wow!  Does that tell you anything?

There are 2 things Carol and I always look for when visiting a new town.  That is a good place to eat Mexican Food and a good place to eat Chicken Fried Steak.  Folks, if you ever get within 200 miles of Bandera, you need to go there and go to the OST and order the Chicken Fried Steak.  If you’re feeling really hungry, order the John Wayne Chicken Fried Steak (you’ll be taking some home with you).  “Hands Down”, this is the best this old man has ever eaten and the gravy is to die for.  So, Carol and I are looking forward to heading that way in two weeks.

One of the things we did when passing through the Houston area back in December was to pick up a Swivel Wheel.  This is going to be a means for us to carry our Yamaha Scooter with us this year and not have to worry about double towing. It mounts rigidly into our existing receiver hitch.  This means we won’t have to worry about backing up the rig as this won’t jackknife.  We won’t have to always look for a pull-thru rv site. 




The single wheel swivels 360 degrees and has a friction braking plate so you don’t get the caster effect going down the road.






I had to make some alterations in order for the scooter to mount securely onto the trailer. I ordered a motorcycle wheel chock online and modified it to work. Once the front wheel goes into the chock a locking cradle closes on the rear of the tire securing it in place. It will actually stand in place so one person can load and secure the tie down straps.  Carol and I put it on the back of the truck the other day to give it a test drive and it worked real well.  I also ordered some loading ramps online.  They had to be long enough to provide clearance when driving over the rise of the ramps and onto the trailer.  The scooter only has about 7 inches of ground clearance, so it takes an 8 foot ramp in order to load.  The ramp comes in 3 folding pieces and will hold 1500 lbs..



We are now ready to start this years journey.  Our plans are to stay in Bandera for a month (now that’s a lotta chicken fried steak!)then start creeping north as temperatures allow.  Heading into Colorado, then over to the Dakota’s, across to Montana, down to Wyoming (Yellowstone again), then back to S.W. Texas for next winter.




  1. Plan to go through New Mexico (Ruidoso to be exact) in the cool of the mountains, small town, great food and we have full hook-up for our friends on our lot...., you MUST come visit...I promise you'll love it! great scenery, too!

  2. We will be following along your blog. We were work kamping selling Christmas Trees in San Antonio. We just ordered our Swivelwheel and will be picking it up back in Oregon in April! It will be so nice to have one of the Harleys with us!


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