Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Day Trip on the Scooter


Yesterday we took a day trip from the RV Park to Kerrville and back.  We took a route along back roads with scenic views of the famous Hill Country of Texas.  We went along Hwy. 16 on upgrades, downgrades, curves, and switchbacks all the way over to Kerrville where we did some minor shopping and had lunch at a Chinese Restaurant. After spending around 3 hours in Kerrville, we headed back towards the RV Park along Hwy. 173 to County Road 2828 that the Park is just off of.  We had a great time and was probably the longest trip we’ve made on our scooter so far. 

We look forward to tomorrow when we will scooter trip over to the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum where their café is supposed to have some of the greatest hamburgers.

That will be another story.




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