Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Trip on the Pecos River


Yesterday, Carol, Joe Cocker, Sophie, and I drove 35 miles north of here (Del Rio,TX) to where Hwy 90 crosses the Pecos River.  National Parks service has a real nice public park and public boat ramp there that sits at the junction of the Rio Grand River and Pecos River.  It’s just below the high bridge of hwy.90 and at the bottom of the Pecos River Canyon.




This picture doesn’t do justice. The canyon walls and bridge are at least 300 ft. above the water line.






We left the ramp and headed north in our Ranger boat packed with ice chest w/lunch, dog paraphernalia, camera, sunscreen, and Carol even brought an umbrella to keep the dogs cool. 





Miss Carol with her pretty smiling face, ready to leave the launch ramp.





We took our time just taking in the scenery and enjoying the day.  We had a nice breeze that kept us cool. Shade is non-existing.






Miss Carol and her babies, Sophie and Joe Cocker as we’re cruising the Pecos.







The Ship’s Skipper (me) and my Navigation Chief (Sophie).





We drove several miles north from the ramp exploring narrow canyons and sloughs off to the side of the main channel. I even stopped and did some fishing for about an hour and gave up after not a single bite.




















Around 1:00pm we managed to find a very small patch of shade where the sun was hidden by a high overhanging rock at the top ledge of the canyon. We tied up the boat there and had lunch.  It’s amazing how good food tastes when you’re out in the wild outdoors.  That may have been the best tuna pasta salad and Ritz crackers I’ve ever eaten.  For desert, just can’t beat a can of cold fruit cocktail.






We managed to find a rock ledge along the cliffs edge for Carol to take the pups for a potty break.





By 3:00 the sun was getting pretty warm and the wind was picking up, so we decided to head back to the ramp and load up and head home.  We had a really good time enjoying the scenic boat ride and getting a day out of the trailer.




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