Sunday, February 20, 2011

It’s HERE !!!


We’ve just finished the RV Tracker Program.  For everyone that is interested in having it.  IT’S FREE to everyone. It is in Microsoft Excel Format. We recommend you have Excel to use this. It will work in other Spreadsheet Programs but because of the Custom Graphics, Embedded Links, and Special Formatting, it may not look and perform properly in these "other" programs.

The Greatest Feature of this program is that it brings together, all in one place, all aspects of RVing. Whether it's recording data, keeping important records about your RV, or information files such as RV Park/Campground Locations, Fueling Locations, RV Popular Shopping Locations, and too many others to list here. This can be kept on a laptop computer, iPad, even a SmartPhone (with Excel app) right by your side while traveling. Great Tool for your Co-Pilot or Navigator. You don't have to be Online to use it even though there are hundred of Internet Links embedded in the program for use when you are connected.
You will need the whole package for everything to work as designed. It consists of 5 files that we can email to you with Pando.
    You can check it out in advance at

We will offer another means of receiving the files if you'd rather not use Pando. You can email us at with your name and address and state that you've donated. Click on the "Donate" button below and make a Donation of $5.50 to cover the cost of the disk, disk sleeve, cd mailer envelope, and postage. Once we receive the donation, we will mail it to you on a CD. This way provides you with a Back Up Copy.

Pando is a Free File Transfer Program designed to transfer large files by email. It compresses the files so they are not as large.  When you receive the email from us, just click on the Pando Box to open it. You will need to install Free Pando to open the files. Once opened just double click on the files to open them. Be sure to save them immediately to a “Dedicated Folder” on your computer. Preferably, on your Desktop.
We ask that you email us ( ) for the Package.  The only reasons for doing it this way, is so, 
1. We'll have an idea how many downloads are taking place.
2. We'll have your Name and Email Address for Available Update  Notification.
3. We Respect your Privacy and your name and email address will "not" be given to anyone.
We are also developing a User Forum so that anyone can visit there and discuss and help one another and gather information pertaining to the program.  We should have it up and running in a couple of days.

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