Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great News



Due to the overwhelming Positive response of our FREE  RV Tracker Program and the unbelievable amount of email requests for it, we’ve decided to create a dedicated Website for it.  We’ve also had to create a new email account to handle the volume of emails we’re receiving.  The new Website is: The RV Tracker and is hosted by Google.  The URL is:  be sure to visit and bookmark it.  Our new email address for RV Tracker is:

The RV Tracker Website is quickly approaching being finished.  You can visit now but we are still adding some Video “How To” Tutorials and new features so be sure to visit often. There are also “RSS Feeds Links”  on all pages so you can subscribe with your email address and be notified by Google/FeedBurner whenever an update or new activity has occurred.  We’ve incorporated many features into the site including:

  • Our Home Page
  • RV Tracker Download Page ( to download the RV Tracker Files )
  • RV Tracker Calendar of Events
  • RV Tracker Member Directory
  • RV Tracker Discussions Page
  • RV Tracker Announcements Page
  • RV Tracker Resources Page (Video “How To” Tutorials and more)
  • Contact Us Page

Our RV Tracker User Forum is now online. It’s still in its Infancy so bear with us as it grows. 

THANK YOU to everyone and keep spreading the word. The more members and members input of information on New Locations, the better the program will be.  With the new website up, maybe we can get back to posting about our travels. LOL


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