Sunday, January 16, 2011

High Ho! The Ranger Rides Again



For the last three years our Ranger bass boat has been kept in storage here in Del Rio during the months that we travel.  If anyone is familiar with this area, you know that it can get extremely hot during the summer months.  Our storage is an all metal building with no insulation so I’m sure that it’s like an oven.  For the last two winters while fishing, I’ve noticed a strong odor of gasoline and small oil/gas slicks on the water when I tilt the engine up all the way.  I’ve put this off way too long in fear of how expensive it would be to get it repaired.  Being a retired FireFighter, I got to worrying about the possibility of it catching on fire as the situation worsened, and how embarrassing it would be for a FireFighter’s boat to burn up.

So, the day before yesterday, after Carol’s insistence, I took it to the boat repair place here locally called “Two Guys Marine”.  They called me yesterday afternoon that my boat was already done and ready for me to pick up.  While there, I had them replace the impellor on the water pump which is standard maintenance and to change out the gear lube in the lower unit.  When I went to pay for it I had a major butt pucker as I awaited the dreaded cost of repairs. When he quoted me $167.58 I was totally shocked thinking it was going to be at least $400.  I just about s__t and I thought I was going to fall back in it but that’s when the “GUY” thing kicked in and I tried to not show any emotion or surprise.  You know how us guys are, pride and think we know everything.  ha ha.

Turns out the part that was causing the gas leak was a valve module that squirts fuel in behind the carburetors when you choke the engine while starting.  The module is made of plastic and probably made in China of course.  The cost of the module was $6.99 + labor for the installation.  Turns out to be one of those things where you say, Man!!! I wished I’d done this a long time ago!!! 

Its Sunday morning and the sun is shining for the first time all week.  The temp is warming up today and looks to be a great day.  I always say, “Any day I wake up and my elbows aren’t hitting wood”, it’s a Great Day!!!  So, I think Miss Carol and I will go up to Luby’s cafeteria and indulge in their “All You Can Eat” breakfast for $4.95 per person.  Maybe this afternoon I’ll have to take the ole’ Ranger out for a test ride!!!   HIGH HO Silver, The Ranger Rides Again!!!




  1. great day in your world..boat is fixed and just a small dent in your wallet!!!


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