Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Del Rio Update


We haven’t posted since Christmas so we thought we’d better let everyone know we’re still around.  We’ve been somewhat busy getting some of our wintering chores done.  We’ve been making frequent trips to our storage space down the road trying to sort out and thin out some of our belongings. We’ve got the majority of it stored in plastic containers with lids to keep it from getting soiled while we’re traveling.  Some of the stuff is hard to get rid of.  We try to use the rule: “If you haven’t used it or needed it for a year, then you don’t need to keep it.”  Still, there are things from when we had our stick house that we just can’t part with.  We have a hide-a-bed couch that came with the trailer when we bought it that we’re just going to give away. We’ve held on to it for two years thinking if we sold or traded the trailer, we’d need to put it back in. We finally decided that most people, like us, want to replace the furniture that comes in these things with something more homey and not so generic. The fabric on it looks like it was made from drapes from the Victorian Era. Ha Ha.

On days when the wind isn’t blowing, I manage to take the boat out and do some fishing.  Fishing has been fair to good since we’ve been here.  The few days I’ve been out, I’ve managed to catch between 10 to 30 in an average 6 to 7 hours of fishing.  Nothing to brag about yet as far as size.  Biggest fish so far is 5 lbs.  The big one’s ought to start showing up next month. 

Things sure are slow here in Del Rio as compared to the last couple of years. I think it is probably due to all the violence that has been occurring along the Mexican Border and border towns.  Even the merchants are complaining about the lack of business. I guess our economy has had an extreme effect as well.  I heard the other day that the Chamber of Commerce here pulled the plug on the big bass tournaments that usually are held here annually.  B.A.S.S. (Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society) and F.L.W. (Forrest L. Woods of Ranger Boats) always charged the city to bring and hold their tournaments here for the revenue that they generated, but the city could no longer afford it.


A Fun Ride On The Scooter

Carol and I took some time a couple of days ago to take our scooter out for a test ride. We rode out to an area on the Devil’s River known as Rough Canyon.  It was about a 50 mile round trip with some scenery around the lake.  Between where we’re camped and there though, there is not much but desolate, rocky, scrub brush, flat land that only goats can survive on.




Pic of our scooter at one of the boat ramps @ Rough Canyon.









Huge rock bluff on Devil’s River. At least 100’ above the water line.






rough_canyon3  rough_canyon4

This is looking back into Rough Canyon off of the Devil’s River. First photo you can see large house boats that can be rented. Second photo is how the banks of the lake appear all around the lake.  Under the surface there are steep drop offs. One second you can be sitting in 10’ feet of water, next second it can be over 100’ feet deep. The water is perfectly clear and you can see easily to 20’ deep.  Lake Amistad was formed by damming up the Rio Grand River.





Here is Miss Carol on the dock of the boat ramp @ Choke Canyon.






Please bare with us on our pictures as we’ve recently acquired a new camera and we’re still learning how to use it.  I’ve read the owners manual twice and have ordered some accessories that will hopefully show some improvements in our photographic ability in the near future.




  1. Welcome back to blogland! That fishing sounds enjoyable to me. :)

  2. welcome back to blogville!..have fun with the new camera!!!..it will get easier!!

  3. That lake sounds like the perfect place for Bass! My dad taught me to fish when I was young and he's one of the best fishermen I know! It's unfortunate that the tournaments have been cancelled.
    We're all glad you're back...can't wait to see more pics from the new cam!

    Blessings, Kathy

  4. Kathy & Dan WhitesideJanuary 12, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    Hey, I am enjoying your blog..its fun knowing what you are doing with yourselves in south texas. It is really cold here..25 last night. Me and grandpa are staying inside and I'm very close to the fire. Thank goodness for duraflame. Ha Love you, Kathy


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