Wednesday, January 26, 2011



All kitchen appliances these days come with very short electric cords and most RV’s are lacking of receptacles.  Not only that, but countertop space is always less than desired.  We have the “J” shaped countertop in our kitchen and the only receptacle on it, is on the floor.


This makes it very inconvenient if you want to plug anything in, especially appliances, unless you want to set them on the floor.  Why would they put it there. For old geezers its hard to stoop over or stand on your head to plug something in.

So I took about an hour to make some modifications after a trip to Home Depot with a material list that consisted of a shallow receptacle box, 5’ of wire, wall plate, duplex receptacle, and scotch locks.  On the backside of this panel is a column of drawers so there was a shallow void space between the panel and the drawer slides.







I took the box and laid it against the panel where I wanted it to be and traced a line of the outline with a fine point Sharpie.  I then drilled a small hole in each corner for the jig saw blade to fit in for the cutting out process.






This is the view with the drawer removed. The shallow receptacle box is visible recessed in the hole. There was plenty of room for it without coming close to the side of the drawer.









I then ran my strand of 3 wires (hot, ground, common wires) down inside the cabinet.











I then spliced into the existing wires of the existing wall plug.










Then I wired in the new receptacle and mounted it inside the box.











We bought a wooden plate for the plug and now all I have to do is stain it and polyurethane it with a satin finish. Carol has tested it out several times already and it works great and she loves it.  Now she can sit the toaster, griddle, mixer, crock pot, etc. on the countertop and the short cords reach the plug easily.








  1. very creative!..glad your new system works!!!

  2. Don't you love it when a great idea comes to light...

  3. Nice pictorial on how to add an outlet. Good job!

  4. I can't understand why you didn't like making pancakes on the floor?? :)))

  5. Glad our 5er did not have this issue. We actually have an outlet at the top of our L shaped bar plus two others at the top so someone must have let the manufacturers know about it!!


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