Saturday, December 18, 2010

Visit with Brother in Crockett, TX


We rolled into Crockett on Wednesday around 1:00pm. Got the trailer all set up and while I was locking in the satellite, Carol wanted to walk the dogs and pick up pecans that were scattered around the property. We are staying at the “Pecan Grove RV Park” nestled amidst several old pecan trees.

Carol & Joe Cocker searching for pecanscrockett1 

We’re here in Crockett to visit family.  The town of Crockett was named after the Famous Davy Crockett that gave his life at the Alamo for the Liberty of Texas from Mexico.

My brother Don and wife Judy have lived there for several years. They had a family owned/ran grocery store (MiniMax) that they ran for a few years before retiring. They own a beautiful lake front home just outside of Crockett where Don likes go fishing every chance he gets. I have to give him credit for teaching me how to Bass fish when I was around 12 years old. To this day, we still argue to whom is the Best Bass Fisherman between the two of us.

While here, they wanted to take us to a local favorite eating place about 12 miles north of them in the town of Grapeland.  The City Street Café. So, on Thursday morning we all drove there for breakfast. It was everything they said it was. Very good. So good, we decided to back there for dinner later that afternoon. Don & Judy are regular customers there and all the employees know them.  They remember Don because he jokingly give them a hard time.

Carol, Don, Judy looking over the menu.crockett2

Don, Me, Judy


After breakfast, we wanted them to drive us over to see their new home that they recently bought.  The house they have now is a two story, and like all of us, as we get older those stairs get harder and harder to negotiate. Plus this will be downsizing a little so they won’t have so much upkeep. They are gradually re-doing the outside and inside to personalize it. They just recently changed color and repainted the outside trim and now looking at upgrading appliances inside.


We had a really good visit (too short) as always. But with cold air moving further south, we need to move further south also. 



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  1. Were the pecans any good, or had the squirrels gotten to them first? :)


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