Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stop Over at Choke Canyon


On Monday morning (20th) we left Danbury, TX and headed for the small town of Calliham just outside the entrance of Choke Canyon State Park located on Choke Canyon Lake.  We arrived around 2:00 pm and got everything set up for the night.





Choke Canyon State Park w/Full Moon on rise







Our intentions were to scout out the area for a possible location for wintering.  We started contacting different RV Parks (very few) in the area and quickly realized that there were no vacancies anywhere.  All sites were completely full.  One place had built 8 new sites and were rented before they could complete them.  Seems that there is an Oil & Gas well drilling bonanza going on in that area.  We’ve noticed this to be the rule around a lot of locations in Texas right now.  Most places said it would be February before any sites would open up, if then.  With that news, we didn’t even bother to locate a storage facility for storing our boat, utility trailer, scooter, and extra personal belongings that we now have stored in Del Rio (on Mexican Border).






Our Camp Site






With the recent trouble along the Mexican border, we thought it might be a good idea to move all our stuff inland. Since one of my few pleasures is fishing, we try to locate close to a lake for the winter.  In Del Rio there is Lake Amistad that splits the borders of Mexico & Texas along the Rio Grand River.

We will only be here for one night then move on to Del Rio to check on our stuff and re-evaluate the situation.





A shot of the Moon. Tonight is the Eclipse.





Life is an Adventure.



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