Monday, December 20, 2010

Party Time in Danbury


On Friday the 17th we rolled into Danbury, Texas to spend the weekend with our friends Dave & Judy Dickson. Dave and I attended High School together, worked after school together sacking groceries, and joined the Marine Corps together on the Buddy Plan. Dave and Judy are future Full-Time RVer’s as soon as Judy retires from her current job in the very near future. 


                                       Dave & Judy at Xmas Partydave_judy

We stayed at the same RV Park where they are living. We were very fortunate that they had a vacancy this time of year. We got to reminisce about old times and laughed till we had tears in our eyes. We always have such a great time when we get together and always look forward to the next time.




While we were there, the RV Park was having their Christmas Party for all the guests, residents, and employees.  We played a Gift Exchange game and had some really good food and spiked punch.




Dave got a Glass set of Checkers/Chess



Dave just recently bought them a new 2011 Dodge 1 ton dually.  Boy is it a “Looker”.  I couldn’t wait for him to take me riding in it.  I think it must have every option available.  With the Cummins Diesel engine, it pulls their new Cedar Creek 5th wheel like it’s not even back there.




Carol got a Santa Candle











I got a Candle also.




I can’t understand why everybody keeps telling me I look like Santa Clause.





Carol and I went shopping in Wal-Mart the other day and I had my Santa hat on. You should have seen the looks in the eyes of some of those kids as we walked past. Their heads would turn and follow me and I would just give em’ a little “wink”.




  1. wink wink!..I have been a good girl this year, Santa!!

  2. Interested in a satellite system I am staying in Del Rio can we get together next week? Please email me at
    Thanks so much


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