Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas to our Followers


Below is a Digital Christmas Card for our “Followers”.  It is a DNL file which will require the download of a tiny app “DNL Reader” in order to view it.  Takes only 30 seconds to download. We think you’ll enjoy it as it has 3D Page Turning features along with a Christmas Carol played while viewing the front of the card.  Be sure to download the small Reader app from this Link before opening the card:  and click on “Link” at top of page “Get DNL Reader”

top_r2c2_2      Once you’ve downloaded the Reader, Click on the Card below. This will take you to Google Doc’s and just click on the “Download (2mb)” link. Allow time for it to download and to open.  It will open Full Screen on black background for the presentation. Just click on the pages to turn them.





I designed and created the card using Desktop Author eBook program.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us to you.  Thank you for riding along on our Journey this Year.




  1. merry christmas to you also!..have a great holidsy season!!

  2. Hope you got everything you wanted! Merry Chrismas!
    I will download the card on my way back...I have a few more blogs to visit


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