Saturday, November 20, 2010

Good Friends and Good Times


On Wednesday the 17th, Carol and I drove over to Grapevine to have lunch with my friend Joy and her husband Bill. Grapevine is a small (not so small now) town just north of DFW Airport. We met at El Fenix Restaurant and had a wonderful meal and reminisced about our childhood years we shared together. 

This all started back in the late 40’s when a new housing development started up on the east side of Ft. Worth. My parents and Joy’s parents bought houses next door to each other in a cul-de-sac. Us kids called it “The Circle”. There were 4 houses that faced towards The Circle. There was hardly ever any traffic in or out other than the residents that lived there. The Circle was our play ground.  Joy and I were the same age so we went all through elementary school together in the same class. If at the beginning of school, we were not placed in the same class, our parents would make sure we were put together. We were the best of friends/buddies and did everything together. We even had a signal when one of us wanted the other one to come out and play. We’d stand outside the other ones front door and whistle until we’d come out. 


This is me and Joy at Vacation Bible School at the old Maddox Avenue Baptist Church.








This is Carol and me with Joy and Bill at their beautiful house in Grapevine.








We went to their house after lunch to see their recent remodel job to their house and to have some dessert and coffee.  We had a wonderful time talking about our childhood days and some of our adventures.

After the 7th grade, a new highway project came through our neighborhood and our properties where bought up by the highway department and we were all forced to move to new locations. Joy and her family moved a little further east in Ft. Worth and we moved to the suburb of Haltom City northeast of Ft. Worth.  Our families kept in touch but was not as easy as being right next door.

I received an email from Joy last night saying that they’d just learned they were going to be Grandparents by their Son Andrew and Daughter-in-Law Analisa. They are very excited.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  We know they will have many years of fun and enjoyment to come.



  1. So nice to visit and reminisce about the "good old days!"

  2. I miss Texas!! I love El Fenix too :) Nothing beats hanging out with friends you haven't seen in a while. Glad yall were able to meet up again. It was fun seeing you and Joy's before and after pictures :)

  3. Awww! Goodtimes! Thanks for sharing them and the pictures with us! =0)


  4. The good old days...someday we will look back on today and call it the good old days...make it the best day ever! Looks as if you did!


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