Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chowing Down @ Joe T’s

Anytime you go to Fort Worth, Texas or better known as “Cowtown”, there are certain Landmarks that one should visit. One of those is Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Food Restaurant just off of north Main Street. It is located in the same proximity as the Ft.Worth Stockyards.

Joe T’s is probably the most well known eating establishment in all of Ft. Worth. Whenever celebrities or dignitaries including Presidents come to town, it’s almost certain they’ll be enjoying a meal there.




This is pretty much how the original restaurant looked.








As years went by and to the present, Joe T’s kept expanding in size as the popularity grew. Now it just about encompasses the entire block.





Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant was established on July 4, 1935 by Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Garcia. With a seating capacity of only sixteen.  Today they can sit well over 1000 customers.

joe_t_4         joe_t_3

Carol and I enjoying our Enchilada Dinners

joe_t_5       joe_t_6

      Fountain Dining Area in the Courtyard                                           Patio Dining Area


Only a few blocks away from Joe T’s is the Old Ft. Worth Stockyards Area. Several eating and drinking establishments with live entertainment.  Another well known restaurant is Cattlemen’s Steakhouse.

cattelmens   stockyards


If you enjoy Mexican Food or a delicious steak and ever in the Ft. Worth (Cowtown) area, this would be a good place to visit and experience.



  1. Sounds wonderful! May be a while before we are in that neck of the woods again, but will make a note of it. I love a good steak!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Good report on some places to visit once we get out to Texas...I have heard about those Texas steaks!

  3. Loved living in Cowtown for 20 years! Glad you had a good time there! Thanksgiving blessings, K


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