Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back Home in Texas



We made it back to Texas on the 30th of October.  We’ve been busy trying to get caught up with our Doctors visits and getting our annual checkups, lab work, and next years prescriptions written. We’ll be visiting Family & Friends the next three weeks after being on the road for nine months.  We still have more medical stuff to get caught up on while we’re here in the Metro-plex. 

The Northlake Village RV Park where we are staying is only a mile or less from the Texas Motor Speedway. All this weekend (started on Thursday) NASCAR is here for the Final AAA Texas 500. The road leading into our park is off of Hwy 114 which leads directly into the grounds of the race track.  The police dept. has our road blocked off to traffic and only residents are permitted to enter and leave. This is because so many attendee’s try to park along the side of the road blocking it and making it impossible for RV’s to maneuver in and out.  Remember, we’re a mile away from the track.  There are so many people that attend these races here, that on racing weekends, just the track grounds area becomes the 12th most populated area in Texas.  It becomes its own city.  I drove by there on Thursday and I’d easily guess there were over a thousand RV’s in the seven RV Campgrounds surrounding the track complex.


One of the areas is Burnout Alley. It is located on the backstretch and sets level with the top of the grandstands. It has designated individual spaces for your RV along with a private viewing area for watching the race.  This is definitely for the High Rollers (leaves us out).




About an hour ago, Carol and I were going to make a quick run to Wal-Mart to pick up a few items to make it through the day and drove down to the intersection of our entry road and when we saw the traffic backed up as far as we could see, we decided to turn around and come back home and wait till later or even tomorrow after it’s all over.

Hoover Steamvac Silver Carpet Cleaner, F5915900


On Friday, we bought us a Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner model: F5915900 at Wal-Mart. Yesterday, since we really didn’t want to get out and fight the race traffic, we decided to shampoo all the carpet in our 5th wheel. There is not that much carpet, but after moving all the furniture around and back again, we were pretty wore out by the time we were done.  I have to say, the carpet looks a 100% better. I told Carol I feel like we had new carpet put down.  This carpet cleaner did a super job. With 2 pets and 2 adults tracking in and out all the time, that is 12 dirty feet to clean up after.


We are going to be here at this RV Park until December 1st unless some of our medical results requires us to stay longer. 




  1. Hi B.W. and Carol, Have I thanked you for following A Camphost Housewife's Meanderings? If not, thank you. You know, John is always concerned about our carpet not looking clean enough but we have resisted buying a carpet cleaner because of the space they take to store them. Does your carpet cleaner take up much room in your RV?

  2. I just have a little green machine that doesn't take up much room, but would love to have a bigger one that I could use on the whole RV. Storing a large shampooer is my problem.

  3. Levonne & Pidge, this shampooer, the handle releases and lays down completely flat and the two containers (clean water, dirty water) are both removable making is better for storage. We have a rear basement storage that is low profile and it fits great inside there. We only plan to use it 2 or 3 times a year so it works great storing it there. We also have one of the small hand held shampooers for cleaning up small spills or pet accidents.

  4. Hey, we just left Texas :) Sounds like you are pretty happy to be home! Hope your medical tests yield the most favorable results for you!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  5. Welcome back! We're just down the road from you in Hurst. I'd be interested in finding out which gadget you got that supplies links to items I mention in my writing. Got an email address or facebook page? Mike


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